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We,at Tech and Us work to bring our subscribers all the latest news and updates about the latest technology,gaming,smartphones etc.Simple language,crisp headlines and to the point articles is our work method.
Our goal is to reach out to people who are not so “technologically literate” and deliver them tech news in detailed and simple language.

Our articles will be based on all the collective news, rumours and teasers we can find on the internet and we do not claim every rumour to be a 100% sure. We do not promote any brands and our not associated with any company to promote them in any way. Any information you get on the website is based on rumours and hence there is no official confirmation for the same.



We have just started and hope to reach out to more and more audience.If you have any queries or issues related to your tech, we are here to offer help on our website as well as Facebook page- . You will find various offers and prizes to be won our facebook fanpage. We will be giving rewards like coupons,invites,prepaid recharges and much more. Subscribe to our facebook fanpage to join the fun.

We are a young website and are always open to suggestions and guest posts from people regarding various devices. Concept art, future specification predictions, even rumours and such are always welcome at Tech and Us. We appreciate young minds like us who want to learn about web development and are enthusiastic about the drastic technological advances around the globe. We would like to contribute to accomplishing your goals in any way possible. Contact us on our facebook page , we are available 24×7 to reply to your feedback,suggestions or queries. Feel free to comment on the website and share if you like.


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