Top mobile apps for hardcore travelers

Are you one of those hardcore travelers?

Traveling, the word itself makes the listener active and eager to explore new places. But without
proper planning, traveling can result worst than expected.
Being one of your well-wishers, we would like to highlight some applications, especially for the people
who love traveling or are hardcore travelers.

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1) Hipmunk (Free – Android, iOS)

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Hipmunk is an all-in-one application designed for Android as well as iOS users. The app helps the
traveler to quickly plan and provide solution related to bookings, such as flights, hotels and much
more. In addition to regular flight searching criteria, Hipmunk has better filter options such as
agony index for the duration of flight, the total number of hauls and much more. The traveler can
also be benefited with last moment booking, reading reviews from various sites such as TripAdvisor,
etc. and trial plans that shows hotel closeness to dining, entertainment, and shopping venues.

2) Google Flights (Free – Web App)

Google Flight

Owned by Google, the service of finding flights and tracking rates respectively, Google Flights,
successfully running steadily since it’s launch in 2011. This makes it a great app for the travelers
looking for domestic as well as international flight. The magic by Google Flight is that it shows the
result by comparing the prices of the various carrier as per one’s budgetary and much more.

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3) Skyscanner (Free – Android, iOS)

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Traveller’s best app for getting the best deal for domestic or international flights. Skyscanner shows
it results by comparing its prices with thousands of flights and hundreds of carriers. The app also
allows its traveler to book the ticket directly and will provide the link to their agents or airlines. The
flights can be searched on the basis of price, airlines, class of cabin, take off or landing timing, and
much more.

4) Hopper (Free – Android, iOS)

[appbox googleplay ]

This is another application for a traveler with big data and predictive algorithm related to the world of
travel through the air. The key selling point of the Hopper is it’s huge database of air carrier prices and
historical trends to guess when the price of a destination are expected to go high or low.
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Source: Content by Rashmi Vanwani(Travellogpro). Follow her on facebook at Travellogpro

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