iPod Touch concept images show new colors for 7th Gen

The rumour about the new iPod Touch 7th gen 2017 and if we will see it or not has been making rounds for a while now. iPod Touch has been one of the best devices by Apple and unlike iPhone, it is priced reasonably. As people grow tired of waiting, Graphic’s designer from India, Krishna Rana has provided us with his rendition of Apple iPod Touch concept image as seen below.

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iPod touch concept images

The previous iPod Touch such as 5th gen had a variety of colours like pink, blue, yellow. iPod Touch 6th gen had colours inspired by iPhone 6 such as Rose Gold, Space Grey and white. We expect the new iPod Touch to have colours inspired from the new iPhone 7 as well. As the iPhone 7 didn’t just have a change of colours but even a change to texture to Matte finish, we expect the new iPod to have the texture and colours as well.

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Apple iPod Touch Concept Colour Variants

Apple recently launched a new colour variant of the iPhone 7 which is the red colour. The colour had mixed reviews but the majority are in favour of the colour. iPhone has never had such a vibrant colour which will be great for a music device as well. We expect a red iPod Touch as seen in the iPod Touch concept image. The second colour which is black has not been seen on iPod Touch after 4th generation which had a mirror finish on the back panel. This time Apple may give the iPod a matte finish just like the iPhone 7th generation.

Apple has been open-minded when it comes to colours with the iPod Touch concept, so let’s wait and see if they use the red colour or come up with new ideas.

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