Will Apple Give iPod Touch 4K Video Recording Camera

Will Apple Give iPod Touch 4K Video Recording Camera

Apple iPod Touch has a history of taking the features, design and specifications of its previous generation iPhone. Apple iTouch 6 had the same chip and resolution like the previous iPhone 5. It had a similar or some might say more processing power than the iPhone 5. When compared with iPhone 6, iPod Touch was able to launch a game a few milliseconds earlier than iPhone.  Considering this practice, we can expect that iPod Touch will have similar specifications as the iPhone 6 or 6S. iPod Touch 4K Video camera can be a high selling point for the iPod.

Apple iPod Touch 32GB (7th Gen)

Will Apple iPod Touch 4K Camera as iPhone 6

Apple iPod Touch is rumored to have a larger screen size than the previous iPod Touch which is 4inch. If it is supposed to have a similar chipset as the Apple iPhone 6, it will be able to handle higher level hardware and specifications. The resolution should also be similar which will be perfect to associate a 4K video recording camera.

iPod Touch concept images show new colors for 7th Gen

Apple iPod Touch has more or less lost its purpose as a device because of the success of the iPhone and as it has a smaller screen and cannot make calls as a phone. Now in the case of an iPad, it is different as it has a large screen and various drawing apps which are not best for a smartphone. So, why would an iPod which is exactly like the smartphone work out for the customers?

ipod touch 4K video recording

But if iPod Touch 4K camera happens, it might raise the interest of music enthusiasts and even Android fans who like the iPhone camera. Since the 4K camera is still a new feature in phones, an iPod with a 4K camera will be the first one. An iPod which can play music in high quality, click pictures in high definition and has the access to all the games as the Apple iPhone and at a lesser price will definitely attract new customers.



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