Will There Be Earphone Jack in iPod Touch 7th Gen?

No Earphone Jack in iPod Touch(7th Gen)

Apple has done the unthinkable with the Apple iPhone 7 by removing one of the most used pieces of hardware in the name of innovation and moving on from the hustle of wired earphones. The earphone jack was replaced by a lightning connector which Apple claims to be much thinner and makes more space for the A10 fusion chip and battery. With the replacement of wired earphones came Apple’s new Airpods which have no wire and just the ear pods. But is this acceptable to remove earphone jack in iPod Touch(7th Gen).While these changes may be acceptable to some extent on a smartphone, they cannot be accepted in a device designed to serve the purpose of listening to music which does not even have a loudspeaker, the Apple iPod Touch(7th gen).

iPod Touch concept images show new colors for 7th Gen

An Apple iPod Touch is made solely for the purpose of listening music. It needs to be connected to speakers via AUX cable which requires it to have a 3.5mm Jack. Now, we get it that Apple wants to reduce the thickness of their devices and get rid of wires but there till the whole audience replaces wired earphones with wireless, this may not be the most appropriate decision at the moment.

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Rumors About Earphone Jack in iPod Touch(7th Gen)

There are some rumors about the specifications of the Apple iPod Touch 7th Gen but none of them hints at the removal of the earphone jack in iPod Touch. Most iPods follow a similar design of the same generation of iPhones and this brings us to a worry if iPod Touch will also follow a similar practice and have a design similar to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple iPod Touch is expected to come in many color variants like Black, White, Orange, Pink and Green like the previous iPod Touch 5th Gen and iPhone 5C. It will have a similar resolution as the iPhone 6 and may even have a large screen.


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