Apple iPod Touch 32GB Rumored To Launch In 2017

What to Expect from Apple iPod Touch 32Gb in 2017

Apple iPod Touch 32GB is expected to launch this year in various colors like the previous iPod Touch 32GB(6th gen). However, rumors say that it will have 2 screen sizes, 4 inches, and 4.5 inches. A majority of people ar Android users but Apple iPod Touch 32GB is a product for music enthusiasts and even Android fans love it. Apple may have slowed down the development of Apple iPods after the success of iPhones, but we can expect a redesign for the iPod Touch 32GB (7th Gen).

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Apple iPod Touch 32GB Specifications Rumors

The new color variants may include colors like black, white, orange, pink and green. The colors may seem a little different from the iPhones but Apple has experimented with the colors before with iPhone 5C and previous iPod Touch 5th gen. As iPod Touch 32GB is a music device and a more personal companion, bringing out a variety of colors is a good decision.

Apple iPod Touch is a gaming device as well as it consists of all the games that are present in an iPhone. Some tests show that an iTouch runs games much smoother and faster than an iPhone of the same generation. To enhance the gaming experience, Apple may increase the screen size to the size of iPhone 6 which is 4.5inch. It may also have the same display as the iPhone 6S which a retina display. Apple iPod Touch has a history of taking the specifications of the previous generation iPhone. So, iPod Touch 32GB (7th Gen) will have a lot of similarities with the iPhone 6S. The camera will be 16 megapixels and may even support 4K recording.

An iPod Touch is a great device for Android users who want to experience the Apple App Store or Apple’s huge music library, iTunes. iPod Touch gives a great output and probably continue to have a 3.5mm audio jack.



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