What Makes RC Quadcopter a Drone? Is your Quadcopter a Drone?

If you are new to buying an RC Quadcopter or a Drone, you must know that an RC Quadcopter cannot be called a Drone unless it has a specific set of features. People, in general, believe that a flying device with 4 propellers is a drone as it has been called by various shops and the word “Drone” gives a dangerous appeal. But there are several aspects which differentiate a Drone from an RC Quadcopter. Let’s take a look at what an RC Quadcopter can do:

What is an RC Quadcopter

An RC Quad-helicopter or Quadrotor is a general term for a rotary wing aircraft which has 4 main rotor systems. It has no tail rotors and is remote controlled. It has no intelligent system to guide it i.e no inbuilt GPS or wi-fi connectivity. 2 of the rotors of an RC Quadcopters rotate clockwise and 2 rotate anti-clockwise which help control the speed of the Quadcopter.


Quadcopters are what we usually see in toy shops and aren’t half as expensive as a proper Drone. They are practically used for surveillance, recreational purposes, as a toy, delivering goods and even filming.

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What is a Drone

A Drone is an unmanned air vehicle which has an in-built GPS system, a camera and is a multirotor helicopter. However, military drones look more like an RC plane than a quadcopter which is used to drop bombs on enemy locations, rescue operations, surveillance, conduct search and intelligence missions. Drones which look like a quadcopter are used to monitor traffic, delivery goods or monitoring locations.


Military drone
A Military Drone


The term drone was highly accepted and popularized by the mainstream media which is why people often confuse between the two. There are many other forms of multirotor aircraft such as tri copters, hexacopters, and octocopters which fit in the spectrum of a drone.

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So, if you thought you bought a drone, you really just bought an RC quadcopter if it doesn’t include a GPS and camera.



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