How to Enable Facebook Messenger Secret Chat

Enable Facebook Messenger Secret Chat

Facebook Messenger is the chatting app for Facebook. Facebook offer secret chat option for Facebook messenger to ensure the privacy of its users. You can enable facebook messenger secret chat if you want to start a private chat with your friend or family. This secret chat feature supports self-destruction, which means your secret chat will be deleted after some time. You can set the timer for self-destruction of secret chat. Follow the guide to enable the secret conversation for Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger secret chat

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How to Enable Facebook Messenger Secret Chat

Step 1

Launch Facebook Messenger app and open the chat you want to chat secretly.

Step 2

Touch the icon ‘i’ situated at the top right corner. Then select the ‘secret conversation’ option from the given list.

Facebook Chat

Step 3

You will get a message that ‘this will be the only device you can use to send and receive messages’. Note that your Secret chat will not appear on other devices.



Facebook Messenger Secret chat also supports self-destruction. You can set the timer for self-destructing a chat from 5 seconds to 24 hours. To set the timer, tap the ‘Timer’ icon located above the send button.

Self Destruction Timer


Secret messages are encrypted from one device to another. You can delete the message if you don’t need them.

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How to Manually Delete Facebook Messenger Secret Chat?

Step 1

Open the Secret Chat and tap on the ‘i’ icon on top right corner. Then tap on ‘three dots’ located on top right corner.

Secret Chat

Step 2

After tapping on three dots, you will get three options. Then tap on ‘Delete Conversation’ option to permanently delete the Facebook messenger secret chat.

How to delete facebook messenger secret chat

Note: The secret chat will be only for new messages you will send after enabling the secret conversation. Your old conversation with that person will remain as it is. The secret chat will open in new window.

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You cannot send videos and GIF images in Facebook Messenger secret conversation.

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