How to Take Snapchat Screenshot without Others Knowing about it

Snapchat is a popular photo sharing app where you can send photos and videos to your friends and colleagues. The highlight of this app is that a picture which is shared disappears after 10 sec. There is no option to download the pictures; however, you can take the screenshot of the picture you want to save. But if you try taking a screenshot of the picture shared, Snapchat will send the notification to the sender that their photo has been screenshotted by the other person. There is a trick by which you can capture the Snapchat screenshot of the snaps without other person knowing about that.

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How to take Snapchat Screenshot?

By using this trick the other user will not get a notification that you have taken a Snapchat screenshot of the photo but Snapchat will notify the sender that Snapchat is not opened at all. Follow the guide below to know how to take a screenshot without knowing sender about it.

Step 1

Load the Snapchat but don’t open the chat: Open the App and swipe right to see list of received and sent chats. Tap to load the chats if it is not displayed but don’t open the app.

Step 2

After loading the Snapchat, turn Airplane mode ON. You can do this through notification window in Android Device and Control Centre on iOS.

Step 3

After activating the Airplane mode, open the chat you want to capture. Then take the screenshot as you always take on your device.

Step 4

Now close the App and don’t forget to check that Snapchat app is not running in the background. Close the app from the background, if running.

Android users can close app from users from Multitasking window, and iOS users can double click the home button and then swipe to close.

Step 5

After completely closing the Snapchat, deactivate the airplane mode. After that, you can start chatting again with the person.

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NOTE: The sender will not see the picture they sent as ‘Opened’. They may think why this is happening if you do it again and again.

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