Apple iPod Touch 7: Will we see it in 2017

Apple iPod Touch 7

Apple iPod Touch 7 is in doubts if it will ever get made. Apple iPhone 6th gen is one of the best iPods in the world. What more can you ask from an iPod? It has a full HD screen, a fast processor, HD audio output, supports almost every format like FLAC, AAC, mp4 etc which most of the iPods do not. You can play games, watch movies, surf the Internet, buy music from the world’s biggest music library, iTunes. Even with all these features, the Apple iPod Touch does not get the hype it deserves, mainly because everyone has a smartphone which has all the features of an iPod and calling features as well.

In 2016, we were not sure if Apple would bother to give us the Apple iPod Touch 6 but they made it and it was the best iPod. The same question arises now, will Apple make an iPod Touch 7 in 2017.

Apple iPod Touch 6 Gen
Apple iPod Touch 6the Generation

As of now, we don’t have any official news regarding a new iPod. But let’s see why we need a new Apple iPod Touch 7.

Usually, when the company makes a new Apple iPod Touch 7, they use the technology of the previous iPhone. For ex- Apple iPod Touch 6 had the performance specs of iPhone 5 but comes with Apple A8 chip found in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The appearance may not be the same as it looked more like Apple iPhone 6. However, in comparison, Apple iPod Touch 6 was at par with the Apple iPhone 6 which is quite impressive for an iPod.

In terms of camera quality, it can match up to iPhone 5 and 5C, iPhone 6 is a different level which we hope Apple iPod Touch 7 can achieve.

Why should you buy Apple iPod Touch 7?

Apple iPod Touch 7 2017 Price

  • Firstly, it’s way cheaper than an Apple iPhone. You can keep an iPod touch for entertainment and buy a cheaper smartphone for calling and texting purposes. Buying these two devices is still cheaper than getting an iPhone.

  • For Android Users

    Android users like myself, you want to get on the Apple App Store and access iTunes can buy this device. It is great for audio output and viewing YouTube etc.

  • Great Gaming Device

    Replacement for Nintendo Gameboy for portable gaming. Apple has a wide range of smartphone games and you can play all of those on the Apple iPod. With the new Pokémon Go Plus device, you can connect it with your Apple iPod Touch 7 to play Pokémon Go.

  • Camera

    If your smartphone camera isn’t that good or your smartphone’s battery is drained. You can always use the iPod Touch’s camera. It has the same Apple quality which is great for pictures and even the FaceTime camera can get you the perfect selfies.

We can hardly wait for any announcement or news about a new Apple iPod. It is possible that Apple iPod Touch 7 may get the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus body design treatment. It may come in Glossy and Plain Black design. Stay tuned for updates.


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