How to Delete WhatsApp Junk Files from Smartphone?

We all use WhatsApp daily to connect with our friends and family. While using it daily, WhatsApp usually takes unnecessary space in your phone’s internal storage. You can Delete WhatsApp Junk files to increase the internal storage of your phone . If your phone storage gets low, follow this guide to free up some memory.

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We all have some friends on WhatsApp who regularly sends messages, images and videos. Most of those contents are memes, screenshots, quotes and other useless things. If you are added in multiple groups like relatives and friends, then it’s even worse. They keep on sending unnecessary images and videos whole day and end up filling your phone’s memory.

This guide will help you deleting the unnecessary images and videos that are already downloaded in your phone through WhatsApp. Here’s how to delete the WhatsApp junk files from your device

Delete WhatsApp Junk Files

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(This guide is only for Android devices and not for iOS and windows devices)

How to Delete WhatsApp junk files from Smartphone?

You can use the app “Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp” to remove the unnecessary WhatsApp junk files. This app helps you by scanning all the WhatsApp images and videos. After scanning, this app group them as screenshot, memes, forwarded files, quotes etc. This will help you picking the files you want to delete and save your time.

Step 1:

Open Google PlayStore and download the “Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp” and open the app.

Step 2:

After opening the app, press next and start the process. Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp will scan your WhatsApp files.

Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp will check how many of the files are junk files in your device. This app automatically detects and arrange the files according to different categories so that you can delete them easily as per your requirements.

Step 3:

After that, you can select the files you want to delete in different categories.  Then press the delete button to remove selected file.  This way you can increase your phone’s internal memory by deleting the junk files.

(Before tapping on delete icon, check the files you have selected because file once deleted can’t be restored)

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Instead of exploring the file manager and manually selecting the files you want to delete, this app helps you by categorising different types of images. This saves the time and you don’t need to manually check each and every file.

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