Apple iPhone 7 Reviews are Terrible on Amazon

Apple iPhone 7 was the year’s most anticipated smartphone. As Apple claims,” it is the best iPhone ever made”, is not reflecting on the famous e-commerce website, On all the variants of the iPhone 7, there are bad reviews from disappointed customers. iPhone 7 Plus is currently out of stock, while iPhone 7 reviews are mostly negative. Every iPhone 7 has got just 2 stars on an average from the customers. Let’s take a detailed look at the numbers and why customers chose to give 2 stars to the most powerful phone of 2016.


iphone 7 reviews

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Here are some iPhone 7 Reviews on Amazon

Review for iPhone 7 128GB Black

This is an expected one.The price is just too much for the features you are getting compared to Android. Android offers much more than iPhone and nowadays Android is stepping up in the field of innovation and turns out Apple is the one taking inspiration from its competitors.


Smartphones like OnePlus Three which are priced half of iPhone 7 provide equal or sometimes much more than Apple. If you are looking for examples then it is the 3.5mm jack.


The other reason given by many customers is that iPhone 7 does not have anything new to offer. It is almost same as the iPhone 6S and those who already own an iPhone 6S don’t feel the need to upgrade to a higher model. Other than the new colours, iPhone 7 has the customary upgraded hardware and nothing else. Since the iOS 10 software upgrade is available for every iPhone from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6S, you won’t be missing on much.

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But it’s not like its all negative reviews. This happy customer gave iPhone 7 a full 5-star review, but he had to pay the price.


We hope this post will help you out make the best decision in buying the best smartphone for you. At the end of the day, it’s your need which needs to be fulfilled. So, if an iPhone 7 is what you want, you should get it.

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