New Google Home Device Can Make Your Living Easier

Google has stepped its game in terms of hardware by launching several devices like its own phone Daydream VR Headset, Updated Chromecast, Google Pixel and Pixel XL under the #madebygoogle. One of the new devices this year focusses on easing up the lives of people by placing this beautiful device in the home called Google Home. Google Home is a voice-powered assistant with a Bluetooth speaker. Siri is in big competition now that Google has raised the bar.

Google Home Device

How Does Google Home Work?

Google has already been working on its assistant with the Google Butter for Android. You have to say “OK Google” to activate it, Google Home works similarly. In your Android device, you can see the results on the screen, but Google Home gives you results using the speaker.

Google Home has a much-improved voice recognizer than Android phones as it must recognize voice to function. But the new thing about this voice recognizer is that has 2 types of voice recognition concepts- Direct Commands and Conversation Commands. Direct Commands are those which are default, like, “What is the Weather?”, “What is the time right now?”, “Set a Reminder.” Whereas Conversation Commands are those which you say informally, give and take with the Google Assistant.

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Audio Quality of Google Home

Google has focussed on Google Home’s Audio as it has a huge database of music from YouTube Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio etc. It doesn’t give surround sound but it is definitely better than your average laptop speakers and the bass is good. But if you are not satisfied with the sound, you can connect it with Chromecast-enabled speakers. Google Home also connects to your TV via Chromecast and you can play your fav TV shows by voice commands.

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Price and Availability

Google Home comes in two finishes, Fabric Mesh and Metal and three colour variants for both finishes. In total, you get 6 different options.

The device will connect with devices made by brands like  Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue and IFTTT.

It is available for pre-order from today and will be available in retail stores from November 4 in the US at a price of $129. The introductory offer consists of a free six-month trial of YouTube red.

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