Apple iOS 10: A Detailed User Review

What’s the difference in iOS 10 and 9.5? Is it a game changer as promised, or have the people let out yet another clone after iOS 7?Well, one thing is there for sure, it most certainly has a lot of new features, including ‘Bedtime’, ‘Raise to Wake’ and much more. So, if you are one of those who doesn’t update your device on the first as it may contain bugs, this is a review by a user. Tried and Tested.

Apple iOS 10

Apple iOS 10 Detailed User Review

With each major release , Apple has managed to bring on much more than the hype it deserved for its iOS, and this time, they claim iOS 10 is the best yet(as they always do), this time, it might actually be true. But there are pros and cons to everything.

User Interface

There is not much change in the UI, this time, around except for the notifications bar and the Music app, but this time, they do not appear to be as space consuming as it was before.

The lock screen and Control Center have been changed as well. Needless to say, the Control Center is much better, it is more spacious now, doesn’t feel cramped and the music controls have a separate panel this time.The lock screen has had a major changeover, no more ‘Slide to Unlock’. Now, you press the home button to unlock, taking advantage of the fingerprint sensor along with it, promises to be nice.But, if you prefer not adding to the trauma of the home button with too many taps, you can customize it with Apple’s new ‘Raise to Wake’. As it can be read, this wakes up the phone as soon as its sensors indicate a change in its height from the resting location, and you can customize the screen to unlock without actually pressing the home button.

iOS 10 Brightness

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The notifications, seem to disappoint a little bit, for an app like ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘Messenger’ each time you’ll see a different notification for each message received. Why? Android has had the option of showing up clubbed messages for like forever now, why can’t you Apple?

Then they have put in more focus on 3D touch, even in notifications, if you don’t have 6s, you’re screwed here. Because if you didn’t open up a notification just as soon as it arrived you’re going to have to press deeper into the sensor to pop the notification and access it, if you don’t have it, you’ll have to open up the app individually and look for that particular notification.

A sigh of relief is, though the clear all notifications button, you can either use 3D touch or just normal tap to clear all notifications. So innovative.

The 3D Touch

Earlier, the 3D touch did not make much sense, but now it seems, they have pretty much integrated it into everything.

iOS 10 3D Touch

There are now 3D touch actions in each app and as I said before, the most useful are hard-pressing the “X” icon in the notifications tray to clear all. You can also use it to alter shortcuts in the Control Center to quickly alter the brightness of the flashlight, change timer length, etc.The problem is that if you don’t know about the tweaks and updates here, probably you won’t be able to use them.

Widgets have also been improved for 3D touch, for example, in iOS 9 the 3D touch in the News app would just throw up text-based shortcuts; in iOS10 it actually shows the latest news. You can check the morning news, the weather, without opening the app. Go Apple!


The iMessage feature has been given an overhaul. Text messaging has now been replaced with Multimedia messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, iSMS. Now, iSMS is good, but WhatsApp is a little bit more popular. Now this change has a little promise which might change that.

iOS 10 iMessage new features

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It does feel a little crammed, but it is a good step.At first look, the app looks quite similar, blue and white are the default colors, but as you open up a thread, the change can be seen right there.Along with the text input dialog box, there are some new options: a camera icon, a heart, and an App Store symbol. This icon lets you download extras for iSMS.

  • #image lets you search for endless GIFs, it’s quite fun actually, the Music icon lets you send a snippet of a song. Hope to see the range of the song increase in the future.
  • The Heart icon is a little less interesting, it feels a tad out of place. You can send your ‘heartbeat’(not actual though, no HRM, duh) or draw out little images.

They render in real-time to the receiver.

Overall, the iMessage is great. It’s crammed but later it might be a more developed app.


  • Finally, you can delete the stock apps, this time, those which take up useless space, Stocks, Apple Watch, you get the idea, pretty much everything except for the phone dialer and the clock.
  • The Music and the News app, this time, are faster, cleaner compared to their ancestors.
  • In Music, it’s easier to see which songs you have downloaded, and quicker to find worthy playlists.
  • The new UI and font scheme seem great, now you can see better Album art.
  • This time, Apple seems to have adapted the photos app from Google and applied it to the photos in iOS 10.

iOS 10 Music Player

Now you can see different folders for different people the app recognizes and places them together and combines shots taken together into slideshow albums with music in the back. Although both additions are good, they are not as good as Android. But, it is an improvement.


This app might not be that useful to the people buying iPhone because of its independence in India, it’s much more useful to the wildly rich, but it is an added feature. It promises to control supported Home appliances, in one place, sounds a little futuristic. Products are developed which will have a tag if it is compatible with this feature.


Finally, Siri is available to developers to put her into apps. You’ll be able to send a text message via Whatsapp by using Siri, for example, exciting if you ask me.

That is if the developers grab the opportunity to do so. Keep your fingers crossed.


iPad improvements

The iPad doesn’t seem to have received anything more specific to it, than the iPhone. Split-view has not been given justice if you ask me. You can view two tabs in Safari at once.

Updated keyboard

iOS 10 Chat

There are new emojis, of course, and given a different look than before. But the thing is this time if you type something an emoji to might appear, for example, haha will show the laughing emoji. Nice.


iOS Bedtime

Another new app, which can be customized to help you set your alarms straight and show you how much you are actually sleeping, it is not that better than few of the apps out there, but, it is good. Check it out if you ask me.


The iOS 10 shows promise, definitely has more new features than previous releases and might be big in the future. Battery life doesn’t seem to change that bit and is a tad faster than before.

Simply the best update in years. The only downers seem to be the notifications and the neglect for the iPad.

If you ask me, go ahead update.If I had to rate it, it will get 7/10.


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