Apple iPhone 7 Launched With iOS 10 in Black Color Variants

The most awaited event of the year unveiled this year’s biggest flagship devices from Apple, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The Apple launch event led by 7th and current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook revealed many new innovations that Apple has been working on including like new Apple Watch Series 2, Apple collaborating with Nike to give Apple Watch Nike Plus. Mario Run, new iOS 10 update and, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Over 1 Billion iPhones have been sold till now with over 140 billion app downloads and over 17 million subscribers to Apple Music.

Let’s check out what’s new in the iPhone 7

1.SIRI collaboration with third party apps

SIRI can now be used to use third party apps with just your voice. You can now book an Uber or order food just by giving orders to SIRI. Apps like HomeKit were mentioned at the event which enables you to control your home devices by SIRI. Devices sold with the tag “Works with Apple Home Kit” with be compatible with SIRI and iPhone.

2. Nintendo Mario Coming To Apple

This may not be a big news for everyone but the gamers must be dying to hear this out. The world famous game Super Mario is finally coming to smartphones as Super Mario Run. It will be a runner, so you cannot control the directions but still looks good. There will be a feature to challenge friends and other online players and beat their high scores. The other player’s character sticker will be shown to player 1, so player 1 can see the performance in real-time.

Super Mario Run

3.New Bubbles and Stickers

New bubbles and stickers to be sent in conversations including Mario.

4.Body and Design

The new body of the iPhone 7 is made from aluminium and foam sheet of glass. The antenna is enclosed within the camera and is not visible on the outside. The new colour variants are Black, which diffuses light and do not allow any reflection and shine on the surface. The other colour variant is Jet Black, which has a high glass finish and gives a shiny reflection. The two new colour variants seem to be back by popular demand. However, customers who are the fan of Rose Gold, Gold and Siver still have the previous options.

Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black
Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black

5.Home Button

The home button is the used the most while working on the phone. Apple has innovated the home button by adding a taptic engine to provide taptic feedback when using the home button. The third-party apps will also be able to use this engine to create response while using their apps. It will integrate fingerprint scanner on the home button as well which was not talked about at the event at all.

iPhone 7 Home ButtonTaptic Engine iphone 7

6.Water and Dust Resistant

iPhone 7 is now dust, splash and water resistant with IP67 protection standard.

Water and Dust Proof iPhone 7


The most favourite part of the phone is the camera. Some people even judge a phone by its camera and if you are one of them. then you are in for a big one! The camera of the iPhone 7 is by far the most amazing camera, second only to its big brother iPhone 7 Plus which has a dual camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Camera

Apple iPhone 7 has optical image stabilization, up to 3X optical zoom, f 1.8 aperture, 6 element lens. A new high-speed sensor which is almost 60% faster and 30% more efficient than iPhone 6S makes it process filters faster. The true tone flash is a quad-LED flash with a new technology called flicker sensor. A flicker sensor helps you filter the access light flashes while recording a video and giving you consistent light during the video.

6 lens camera iphone 7

Apple has designed an image signal processor which performs over 100 Billion operations in just 25 milliseconds!. These functions include auto color, white balance, wide colour capture, wide area etc. All these effects are performed at once on different images and joined together at the end to give the best possible image.


Live-Photos also get the same treatment and the new iOS update allows you to edit live photos as well.

Front Camera in the iPhone 7 has the most megapixels than any other front camera even on an iPhone. It is a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with Advanced Image Stabilization and once again, Wide Colour Capture technology which took the centre stage while talking about the camera in the Event.

This new front camera will be fully utilized with the new Instagram updates which will be associated with the Apple iPhone 7 Camera as shown at the Event.


There are two stereo speakers placed at the bottom and the top with an increased dynamic range. They will produce 2x volume than previous phones and will provide a great experience when used in landscape mode.


9.Wireless Earpods

This has been the topic of debate for a long time that if this decision by Apple was right or wrong. Completely ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack was a bold move but Apple was ready to address it. The reply was simple, Apple wants to “move on” the 3.5mm jack as it takes a lot of space on the phone and space is premium. To put so much new technology on the phone, they require more space and that’s why it was removed. But don’t worry, a USB lightning to 3.5mm jack converter comes free in the box with the iPhone 7 and customers don’t need to pay extra for it.

This removal of headphone jack has made way for the new wireless air pods which follow a similar design with Zero wires. The air pods come in a small case which looks very classy and also works as a charger for the air pods. The mic is built-in within the air pods and they connect simply with one-touch to the iPhone or Apple Watch.

The first impression on the look was pretty good, however, the air pods may not be as good in practical use. There will be a constant fear of them slipping and falling off the ear or lose one of them.

Beats Audio is in collaboration with Apple and using their W1 chip for wireless earphones, developing a new range of earphones called Beats Solo 3, Powerbeats 3 wireless and Beats X.


The new iPhone 7 is powered by a new A10 Fusion chip which is a 64-bit processor with 4 core processors. 2 cores are used a high-performance cores which are 40% faster than A9 processors in previous devices. The other 2 cores are high-efficiency cores which reduce the battery consumption and saving 1/5 times power than A9.

Apple iPhone 7 Specs

Apple has designed a performance performer which decides which core acts on which process. Hence, giving the best result using all the cores.

The display has been upgraded to Retina HD Display which has a resolution of 1334×750 resolution, wide colour gamut and 3D touch technology.

11.Price and Availability

iPhone 7 Price iPhone 7 Memory Variants iPhone Upgrade Program

At a price of $649, you can get the iPhone 7 available on pre-order starting today in the US. The shipping starts from September 16. It is available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and the new Black and Jet Black colour variants and 32GB/128GB/256GB memory variants. The iPhone 7 Jet Black colour variant is available only in 128GB and 256GB memory variants.

In India, it is expected to launch around October 7.

The new iOS 10 will be available for all iPhone users with a compatible device from September 13.



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