Apple Launch Event May Offer More Than Just New iPhones

Apple Launch Event, the biggest and most hyped event every year where a new iPhone is unveiled. Some may agree that every iPhone sets a new standard for the upcoming smartphones in terms of design, camera, and performance. But with every launch event, we see some other devices as well.This year will not be much different, with the reveal of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S release date revealed some time back, we may see some new devices as well at the Apple Launch Event.

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Apple Launch Event.Apple iPhone Launch Event

Which New Devices Will Be Revealed at the Apple Launch Event 2016?

Apple has some new Mac devices lined up this year which may be revealed until the end of the year. But the ones we could see at Apple Launch Event 2016 are the new MacBook Air and a redesigned new iMac.

MacBook Air may feature a USB Type-C connector port, following the upcoming trend. The new iMac models would come with the new graphics card with AMD. The new iMac has collaborated with LG to come up with a 5K monitor. So, we can say that the graphics quality is going to be unparalleled with this one.

A new and thinner version of MacBook Pro may also be in line early September. It may feature a more flat keyboard design and a digital function key that changes functionality depending upon the application used. All these devices are lined up for the year but the order is still not clear. However, they can be expected to release before every big holiday.

For the year 2017, some new software updates are in line for the iPad which will be focused mainly on the functionality of the Apple Pencil accessory. The new function may include the functionality of annotating files more broadly across the apps such as Safari, iMessage, and Mail. Samsung is the competitor in terms of functionality with the Stylus as they have been doing it with the Note Series far longer. Apple needs to step up their game to attract people with their Stylus.

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