Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date and Pre- Order Date Revealed

As always, Apple is all set to release its new range of iPhones which are Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the month of September. Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date has been formulated to be September 7, 2016, and people can live  stream the event worldwide.

Other dates for pre-order are speculated to be September 9 and store release date to be September 16 for the US by tipster Evan Blass on Twitter.

Rumours about iPhone 7 Design and Specifications

These are some of the most voted rumours which have surfaced all over the Internet from the last few month:

1.Removal of Headphone Jack

This is the first and the most talked about feature that may soon be confirmed. There will be no earphone jack in the new iPhone and it will have Bluetooth connectivity with the earphones. This also means a new pair of earphones with new Bluetooth technology by Apple.

Some may think that this is a step forward while most have criticised as we all use wired headphones and this calls for an expenditure on an iPod. Well played Apple?

2.Dual Rear Camera

iPhone 7 Launch Date

This has been rumoured by some images showing dual camera at the back of the iPhone 7. Taiwanese pop star Jamie Lynn was photographed using dual camera iPhone like device. However, it can only be confirmed at the Big Reveal next month.

iPhone 7 jamie lynn

3.Slimmer iPhone 7

Removing the headphone jack idea came just to make the iPhone 7 slimmer. iPhone significantly got slimmer after iPhone 5 and it seems it’s going to get more difficult to hold an even slimmer iPhone.

4.Curved Display

This one may not be true but it has surfaced for a while that the iPhone 7 may have curved display just like the Samsung Galaxy flagships.

5.Iris Scanner

Iris scanner is one of the rumoured features but might not see the light of day. But one can hope for an increased security feature in the new iOS.

The Most Wanted Features in an iPhone

Instead of these dreamy features mentioned above, people actually want simpler things in the new iPhone 7. According to the surveys conducted by Apple, customers went for features like, ‘better battery life’, ‘better storage’,better camera’ and ‘a slimmer design.’


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