How To Set A Home Location In Pokémon Go

This tutorial is based on personal experience in Pokémon Go. After playing Pokémon Go for a while, I noticed a glitch in the game. For the few days, I used to open the game in my home from my Wi-Fi Internet. Now, I remember the Home Location in Pokémon Go of my home on the map as I open the game many times at home.

Home Location In Pokémon Go

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Now, if you travel in Metro, pass through subways or go in a basement where your GPS does not work, you get the error ” GPS Location Not Found” in Pokémon Go. When this error comes, you may notice that your player is transferred to some other locations on the map. The location will mostly be your home location in Pokémon Go and you can identify it easily.

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This was happening too much with me, so I tried to use it to my advantage. I went to a place with lots of PokéStops and played for a couple of hours. When I left the place and got in the metro, I lost the GPS location. But to my surprise, my player went to the same location where I was playing and there was a PokéStop right next to my player. The best thing was that I was able to access the PokéStop and get the items. Not just the items, I was able to get Pokémon which spawned at the place.

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This situation is not even a hack, so there are no chances of getting banned by Niantic. So, how can you setup Home Location in Pokémon Go?

This tutorial is based on assumptions. So, don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you:

  • Open the game at the location which you want to setup as your home location in Pokémon Go. Make sure there are a lot of PokéStops around.
  • Play for at least 1-2 hours, so that your location can be identified by the game.
  • Now to test, go to a location where your GPS doesn’t work and see if your player reaches back to the home location.

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This tutorial will help you get PokéStops and Catch Pokémon when you are at locations where you don’t get GPS. You can even wait and let the PokéStop refresh after 5 minutes and spin it to get items. If there is a lure module applied at the PokéStop, you will be able to get the Pokémon as well and catch them without any problem.Make the most of those locations which won’t let you play and make the best of them.

Note: This won’t work if you turn off the GPS.

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