How to Check WhatsApp Last Seen Without Reading Messages

Sometimes you want to check WhatsApp last seen of your friends on WhatsApp but does not want the other person to know that you checked their profile. Whenever you open the chat on WhatsApp to see the last seen of a person, those blue ticks appear indicating that you have read the messages.

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If you want to check the WhatsApp last seen and don’t want another person to see those ‘blue ticks’ indicating ‘message read’. There’s a trick to check the person’s last seen or whether they are online or not on WhatsApp. This trick lies within the WhatsApp messenger and you don’t have to download any third party app for this. This is a very easy trick and will be helpful for you.

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This trick is only for Android users and not for iPhone or Windows phone users

How to Check WhatsApp last seen?

Step 1:

Open the WhatsApp but don’t open the chat to see the last seen otherwise those blue ticks will appear. Tap on the photo of the person to see the preview.

whatsapp chat list

Step 2:

You will see the preview with three options below the photo; these are messaging, calling and info option. Tap on the ‘i’ symbol indication the info option.

whatsapp profile preview


The complete information of that user will appear including the last seen. You can see the ‘last seen’ of the person which is written just below the name of the person.

whatsapp last seen


Now when you will click the back button, you will see that that chat window will appear from where u came in instead of going into the message screen. This means that you have not read the messages of that particular person and those blue ticks will not appear on other person’s app leaving the messages unread.

whatsapp chat window

In this way, you can check WhatsApp last seen of any person on your WhatsApp contact list without actually opening the chat.

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