Team Instinct PokéHunt With Aorin Shariyari At Gurgaon

After a few days of playing Pokémon Go alone in South Delhi, I came across an invite to a PokéHunt which was just for Pokémon Go Players who were in Team Instinct. Luckily, I and my friend were in Team Instinct. This facebook invite was created by professional cosplayer Aorin Shariyari on her facebook page Colour me Aorin. Aorin has been doing cosplay at many Comic Con events and she was judge at the ESL One Manila Cosplay Competition recently.The venue for the Pokéhut was MG Road as it has a Pokémon Gym and several PokéStops.

Aorin Shariyari Cosplay
Aorin Shariyari Cosplay

Team Instinct is pretty low in numbers in comparison to other teams. All the nearby gyms are either Team Valor or Team Mystic. So, it was a great idea to gather some Team Instinct Players and win some gyms. Unfortunately, not many people showed and there were just 4 of us.

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After roaming around at MG Road for a while and getting the same old Ratata and Pidgey, we decided to move towards Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Cyber Hub can be a great place to catch Pokémon, you may find lure modules at nearby PokéStops most of the time and there are 2-3 gyms as well. We chose the nearest one to the IndsInd Bank Rapid Metro Station and camped on the stairs while people judged.

Team Instinct

Aorin had the Pokémon with the highest CP and she fought the gym single-handedly, defeating all the Pokémon. Once, she raised the Team Instinct flag, we joined in and established our stronghold. But you got to remember, that Pokémon Gym are meant to be taken and the best thing is you can notice when a fight is going on in a Pokémon Gym from the map.

We ran to save our gym and met with two guys killing our Pokémon. To our advantage, these people were also from Team Instinct and we became friends instantly. Now our gym was on level 5. Now most of the people don’t know how the Pokémon Gym and Prestige works. So, here are a few things you should keep in mind next time you head to the Pokémon Gym.

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How Pokémon Gym Battle Works

There can be 2 scenarios when you reach a Gym:

Scenario 1: When there is a different Team at the Gym

When you are at a Gym and there is a different team, first you should check the level of the Gym. If it is a level-5 gym, you will see 5 Pokémon in ascending level of their CP. Now you need to decrease the prestige points of the Gym by fighting the Pokémon in the Gym. For every 2000 Prestige Points, you will remove one Pokémon from the gym. Now fight again and again until you can take down all the prestige points. Once, the Prestige Points are 0, you will see the option to place your Pokémon at the Gym and acquire it for your own Team.

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Scenario 2: When there is the same Team as yours at the Gym

If the Gym belongs to your Team only, then you may have 2 options. One would be to simply keep your own Pokémon at the Gym which is only possible when your Gym has enough Prestige Points to accept a Pokémon. If you don’t see an option to place your Pokémon at the Gym, you need to raise the Prestige Points of the Gym. You can do that by battling your own team with only 1 Pokémon. With every win, you will be able to increase the Prestige. Once the Prestige Points reach a certain level to increase the overall Level of the Gym, you will be able to place a new Pokémon at the Gym, making it difficult for other teams to take down.

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What is the Purpose of Winning Gym Battles?

Well, firstly for fun, cause that’s the motive. Secondly, it is for the PokéCoins which can be used to make purchases at the PokéShop. For every 20 hours, your Pokémon stays a Pokémon Gym, you get 10 PokéCoins at the Shop. You can use these coins to buy PokéBalls, Lure Modules, Incense etc.

Team Instinct Group Photo
Team Instinct Group Photo

Before meeting Aorin, none of us understood Pokémon Gym Dynamics. So, we had a discussion on this for a long time and once everyone was on the same page, we took down the Gym for ourselves. Some new people saw the battle on their maps from afar and somehow tracked us down and joined the fun.

Team Instinct Group Photo
Pokemon Figures By Aorin Shariyari to every Team Instinct Member

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We suggest you guys find yourselves some people from the same team and enjoy the game together. You can find people near lure modules or Pokémon Gyms. Go ahead and talk to them, take down gyms together and Pokémon Trading would soon come, so you will be able to exchange Pokémon as well.


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Follow Aorin Shariyari on her Facebook Page Colour me Aorin and young cosplayers can see her easy DIY tutorials on YouTube at Cosplay Genie

For people in Team Instinct. Our second meet will happen soon, if anyone is interested, please write to us at our Pokémon Go India Facebook Page . Maybe, you can join us on our next PokéHunt in Delhi!


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