Have You Updated Pokémon Go To The Latest Version?

Pokémon Go recently suffered from a server issue, that’s not very uncommon but they were gone for hours. When the servers were back on, there were some glitches in the game. The most noticeable glitch was the “nearby Pokémon” glitch. Now we have an updated Pokémon Go apk but is it worth the download?

Updated Pokémon Go

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The 3 steps which you see when there is a nearby Pokémon reduce when you walk in the right direction to 2 steps, then 1 one and then no steps when you are right where the Pokémon is. But because of the glitch, the nearby Pokémon could never be found as the steps will never reduce and always remain 3.

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There was an update of the game from 0.29.1 to 0.31.0 recently. The game needed the “nearby Pokémon fix” but the only update it got was minor text fixes.

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Well, not sure what these text fixes are but the ones that they needed to make were left. If you are a female, you may not have noticed any errors but if you are a male person, you would’ve noticed the medals like “Fairy Tale Girl” and “Punk Girl”. They should say “Punk Boy” but these texts were not fixed.

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Download Updated Pokémon Go Apk

Well, if you are a true fan, you know you will update the game no matter what. So, here is the link for the Pokémon Go ver 0.31.0.

Download Pokémon Go 0.29.3

For iOS users, the game is now updated to ver 1.0.3.

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The developers say that the game will get bi-weekly updates and the errors will be fixed. The trading feature is still something which people are excited about. After all, that’s the best way to complete the list of 151 Pokémon. With trading, the developers should also introduce Team Rocket as people are going to try and steal your Pokémon from your phone.

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The latest update on the game suggests that the game will finally launch in its home country Japan and a sponsor debut is also excited which will hold a PokéStop or a PokéGym.

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