Things You Are Doing Wrong in Pokémon Go

Now that you have spent some time with the game and understood its basics like Catching Pokémon, Finding Nearby Pokémon, Hatching Pokémon Eggs, Visiting PokéStops and Competing in Pokémon Gym Battles. There are a few things that you might be doing wrong and might regret them after a few days. This article will guide you to make the right choices to speed up the process of leveling up in Pokémon Go, saving a few items in your bag,keeping up with Pokémon Gym Battles and avoiding things you did wrong in Pokémon Go.

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Tips and Tricks For Pokémon Go

  • Catching A Pikachu

This is only for the people who haven’t started the game yet. You can catch a Pikachu as a starter if you like( who doesn’t). If you ignore the starters offered for 4 times by moving into a different location and letting them disappear from the Pokémon Go map for 4 times, you may get Pikachu among the starters to catch. Anyways, if didn’t catch Pikachu, don’t fret, you will find it sooner or later in your nearby locations.

  • Transferring Unused Pokémon

Once you have fully evolved a Pokémon, you should start transferring the excess Pokémon of the lower stage to the Professor. Whenever you have an excess of a Pokémon after evolving and if they don’t have any Candy, you should just transfer it and in return, you will receive 1 candy. You can use this candy to level up your evolved Pokémon.

For Example, You evolved Zubat to Golbat and now there are no candies available with other Zubat. So, you can transfer all the other Zubat to get more candies and level up Golbat.

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  • Using Lucky Egg At Pokémon Gym Battles

A lucky egg can double your experience bonus after you win a Pokémon Gym Battle. Now, after several days of gameplay and fighting at Pokémon Gyms, Pokémon Trainer level is found out to be of more importance than your Pokémon level. If your Trainer Level is low, you cannot level up your Pokémon. So, both of them are dependent on each other. While you can simply level up your Pokémon with Stardust and Candy, leveling up your Player is rather difficult. Use lucky egg at times of battles to gain double Trainer XP.

  • Do Not Evolve Same Pokémon Everytime

This point is not for everyone but we read that people wish to build whole armies of Arcanine. It does sound pretty awesome, however, this will take a lot of time and can bring you down in the game. If you will focus on evolving the same kind of Pokémon over and over, you will need to catch literally hundreds of them. This will not only take a lot of time to do but you won’t be able to level up your other Pokémon and will be left behind in Gym Battles.

Another reason for not doing this is that Pokémon attacks depend on elements. If all your Pokémon are Fire Type and your opponent have strong Water Type Pokémon, you won’t be able to win.

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  • Use Multiple Incubators At All Times When Possible

When you progress in the game and level up, you get free items with it. One of them is the Egg Incubator. Use the extra incubator as soon as you get. This will put 2 of your PokéEggs on Incubation and they will simultaneously incubate saving you the trouble of extra walking.

  • Don’t Waste Your Pokéballs On One Pokémon

You need to let go if that Pokémon is not ready to come with you or your aim sucks. If you see a Pokémon with a higher CP like 100 or above, it is likely that it will escape your Pokéball. In order to stop that from happening, you should begin by throwing a Razz Berry first. If you are below level 5, you may not have it yet. Don’t worry, you’ll get a bunch of these when you level up and after that, they are available at PokéStops for free.

Razz Berry makes it easier to catch a Pokémon by extending the target radius and making it easier to aim.

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  • Do Not Level Up Your Starter Pokémon Before Evolving

The starter Pokémon is rare to find and in the beginning when you get them, they are at a very low CP like 13CP or Pikachu at 11CP. If you level up and use all the candies, you will not be able to evolve it anytime soon. So, be patient until you evolve your starter to its fullest and then gradually level it up. In my opinion, starter Pokémon is pretty much useless in the game as they are rare to find and take a lot of Pokémon Candy to evolve and level up.

  • Use One PokéStop More Than Once

A PokéStop has a refresh rate of just 5 minutes. So, if you have time, wait for a while till it gets refilled with items and uses it again. Some people have PokéStops at far locations, they can use this tip to get maximum items.

  • Battle Your Own Pokémon Team Members At Pokémon Gym

You can battle your own team members and gain more XP. Use a lucky egg to increase the XP.

  • Don’t Leave Your Best Pokémon At A Pokémon Gym

Believe it or not, there is always someone better out there at a higher level than yours and a Pokémon with higher CP. When they will battle your Pokémon, they can use 6 Pokémon and have a higher chance of defeating your Pokémon. S0, you will lose at some point and the Pokémon will return.

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  • Don’t Waste Your Potions and Revives Until Necessary

Use potions only before you are absolutely sure that you need a particular Pokémon to battle. Otherwise, don’t waste your potions just to recover a Pokémon as it was your favorite. The best time to use potions and revives is just before getting into a Pokémon battle.

  • Save Battery By Using These Tips

    • Keep Your Phone’s Brightness Low.
    • Turn of AR camera.
    • Turn off the volume.
    • Keep a Power Bank for extra juice.


  • Internet Connectivity Problem

The last tip that I would like to give is for people who use Intenet Dongle. Plug-in your Dongle to your Power Bank and keep it with you when you go out. Use the dongle’s Wi-Fi to get better Intenet connectivity if your phone’s network doesn’t work. I found the game to work more smoothly on good Internet speed and Wi-Fi then Mobile Network.

What’s Wrong In Pokémon Go?

  • The Server Issue
  • Catching One Pokémon Again and Again
  • Game Freeze
  • Slow GPS Tracking Sometimes

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