Pokémon Go India: Lucky Eggs & Hatching PokéEggs

It has been two days since we wrote about our next experience with Pokémon Go. The game is so addictive that we spent the whole day outside and couldn’t get much time to focus. Anyways, another reason was to wait for some PokéEggs to hatch. So, there are 3 types of PokéEggs based on the distance you have to travel to hatch them. There are 2km, 5km and 10km PokéEggs. The PokéEgg will less distance give you a lower level common Pokémon and the level increases with increased distance.

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How To Hatch PokéEggs

Egg Incubator

First, let’s talk about how to hatch an Egg. You need to have an Egg Incubator because this isn’t real life and you can’t sit on your phone to hatch it. One Egg Incubator is available in your items and can be used infinitely but only for one egg at a time. You can get more incubators as you level up or at a PokéStop. However, it’s rare to find but you can definitely get when you level up which can be used only for 3 times.

Pokemon Go India Egg Incubator

Pokémon Go PokéEggs PokeEggs Incubator 2

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Let us tell you what we got in our PokéEggs:

  • 2km PokéEgg

PokeEggs Hatching

Supposed to give common and basic Pokémon. However in our first PokéEgg, we got kind of rare and never appearing in nearby location Pokémon. It was Normal/Fairy Type Pokémon and everyone’s favorite from the show, Jigglypuff with 65CP. Not bad for walking 2km and adds a new member to our Pokédex.

  • 5km PokéEgg

The 5km PokéEgg gets you a little more rare and a better CP. So after walking 5km we got a blazing Ponyta at 273CP. However, we got Ponyta and even saw Rapidash around our location. However, couldn’t catch Rapidash as the game sometimes freezes after throwing the ball. The Pokémon will get the ball but the ball won’t move. We have missed many good opportunities because of this bug.

  • 10km PokéEgg

These are the hardest ones to hatch as they take 10km. So, be patient as the rewards may be worth it. However, in our situation we got a Pinsir at 276CP which was kind of disappointing. Well, people around the world have been able to get Onyx or a Gastly in these 10km PokéEggs. We have some more PokéEggs with us that still need hatching,we’ll update if we find something interesting.

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Lucky Eggs

Pokemon Go India Lucky Eggs


Well, these eggs are not for hatching and won’t give you any Pokémons. So, what are they good for? Well, they will increase your XP when you win a Pokémon Gym Battle or when you catch a Pokémon. However, it only lasts half an hour but it will double your XP whenever you earn XP.

So, what did you get when you hatched your PokéEggs. Comment below!


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