How to Get WhatsApp Chat Heads on Android

You must be familiar with chat heads if you have used facebook messenger. The small bubbles that sits on the screen of your phone represents the person chatting with you. Chat heads are available for facebook messenger but there are no whatsapp chat heads yet, officially. However you can get them by rooting your device, but everyone does not know how to root and some don’t want to void their warranty by rooting the device. You can still get those chat heads by following the tutorial below.

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How to get WhatsApp chat heads without Rooting?

Step 1 :

Open the Google PlayStore and download the ‘Notifly’ app.

Notifly App on Google PlayStore

Step 2 :

Open the App. The app will require notification access; Toggle the button against the ‘Receive Notification’. After that, toggle the ‘button’ provided against the Notifly in ‘Notification Access’ menu.

Notifly Notification access


It will ask for confirmation; tap on ‘Allow’ to confirm. Now open the Notifly app and touch on the ‘tick mark’ located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Notification Access granted


Step 3 :

Tap on ‘Done’. After that, a list of all the apps will appear that are supported by the app. Now tap on the ‘three lines’ seen at the top left corner of the app.

Notifly supported Apps


A slide out menu will appear on the left side; tap on ‘Settings’ option. In the settings option, you can change different settings according to your needs. The Size of the bubble, position, sounds etc could be changed.

Notifly Settings Menu


You have the option to change the preference together for all the apps or for some particular app by tapping on ‘Settings’ option provided against each app.

Supported apps Settings

Step 4 :

When someone sends you a message, you will see the whatsapp chat heads on the screen. To reply to that person, just tap on the chat head and you can write a message. There is no need to open the complete app.

whatsapp chat heads


To remove the whatsapp chat heads from the screen, just tap and hold the chat head and then drag and drop it in the red circle appearing at the end of the screen.

Chat heads Deletion

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This app can be used to get chat heads for different messaging apps. Apps supported by Notifly are Skype, Twitter, Line, Telegram, Facebook messenger, Google messenger, Hangouts etc.

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