Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Battles and Legendary Pokémon

It was Day 2 of Pokémon Go and we were on level 3 in the game. The first Pokémon Gym we spotted was at Select Citywalk. Every Pokémon Gym requires you to at least have a level of 5. So, in order to get to level 5, we went around town to capture more Pokémon and gain more XP. It’s not as tedious to raise your level in Pokémon Go than other Nintendo 3DS based games. You just need to be at a place where you can capture more and more Pokémon. Just roaming around Select Citywalk got us more than enough Pokémon to reach level 5 in just 10 minutes. But then we thought we should look for gyms at other locations and charge up our phone batteries as well to play uninterruptedly as catching Pokémon drained our batteries. Our next stop was Hauz Khas Metro Station and ready for our first ever Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Battle.

Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Battles

First Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Battle at Hauz Khas Metro Station!

A Pokémon Gym has a bigger location pointer on the map and you can always see a Pokémon just sitting above it. This means that the Gym Trainer will use that Pokémon and the Gym belong to a particular Pokémon trainer. When we entered the Gym, we were met with a question to pledge allegiance with one of the 3 teams. This came as a surprise as we did not expect any teams. These 3 teams had their own sigils which you can notice are all Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Pokémon Teams

Pokémon Teams

Team Instinct

The first team was Team Instinct which believes in fighting with their instincts and has their Sigil as the Legendary Electric/Flying Type Pokémon, Zapdos. We are still not sure what effect does joining a team would make but anyways we looked for the next option.

Pokémon go India Team Instinct

Team Mystic

Team Mystic, as the name goes wants to unravel mysteries about Pokémon about why and how Pokémon evolve. They felt like they liked to research about “Pokémon Science” and had their sigil as the Legendary Ice/Flying Type Pokémon, Articuno.

Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Team Mystic

Team Valor

Team Valor deals with Pokémon Strength and believes in fighting hard and staying strong. Their sigil is the Legendary Fire/Flying Type Pokémon, Moltres.

Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Team Mystic Team Valor

Which Pokémon Team Did We Join?

Well, my personal favorite is Zapdos as it is one of the strongest Electric-type Pokémon and we haven’t seen any electric type Pokémon around. We still don’t know what happens after joining a team. But I was hoping to find more electric types if I joined Team Instinct. Also, I believe in instincts, so it felt right.

In your personal profile, you will see the sigil of the particular team you joined.

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First Pokémon Battle Begins!

So, after joining a team we were finally able to battle. Our Opponent only gets one Pokémon but it does pack a punch.Our opponent’s name was iFreStyle and it had an innocent looking Pidgey. We, on the other hand, have the option to select 6 Pokémon to battle which seemed a little unfair for the little Pidgey. However to our surprise, that Pidgey was on level 95.

Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Battle Hauz Khas

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Pokémon Battle Tips

If this is the first time you are going to a Pokémon Battle, you should know these rules:

  • You can dodge attacks by swiping left and right.
  • Your Pokémon knows 2 moves. The first move is mostly a Normal Type move which maybe a Tackle or a Scratch kind of move. This move can be used easily by just tapping on your Opponent’s Pokémon. The second move needs time to recharge and you can see it in the bar below your HP. Once you have a charge, touch and hold your Pokémon and you can release a powerful attack based on your Pokémon type. Charmander can use Scratch as its first move and Flamethrower as its second move.

Second move of Charmander in Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym

After losing once to Pidgey, we got the idea of the game and went in again. Our higher level Hitmonchan (and Machop can be caught around Hauz Khas, SDA Market) punched the Opponent’s Pidgey out of the Gym (literally). Once you defeat a Pokémon Gym Leader, you can own the Gym but you will have to leave a Pokémon at the Gym for others to battle. You can get your Pokémon back once someone defeats it. So, if you reach Hauz Khas Metro Station,  you will find a mean Mankey(level 58, that’s what I had) sitting over there and you can battle it. Till then it’s my turf!

You Win Pokemon Go Delhi Metro Gym Battle

Also, we were happy to see that the Pokémon at Select Citywalk Gym were changed. Firstly there was a Zubat sitting there, now there was a Raticate. That means people have started playing the game and have even evolved their Rattata to Raticate.

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Pokémon Combat Points and Level

After winning the first battle and gaining some confidence in the game, next stop was Malviya Nagar Metro Station. We encountered a Gym with a Golbat flying outside. Repeating the steps, we went into battle with already damaged Pokémon which needed Revive and Potion to regain health. We didn’t know about this, so, we went blindly into the fight with a Golbat at level 278. The best tip doesn’t engage in a Pokémon Gym Battle unless you have 2 Pokémon with similar or higher level than your opponent’s Pokémon. Golbat didn’t let us win and we got ourselves more battle damaged Pokémon which took all our potions to regenerate.

Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Malviya NagarPokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Golbat Malviya Nagar Gym Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Malviya nagar gym battle choices Pokémon Go Delhi Metro Gym Machop vs Golbat

Pokémon Evolution and Eggs

So, we found 5-6 Pidgey and you need Pidgey candy to evolve Pidgey. Every Pidgey you catch has a certain amount of Pidgey candies and you need around 15 candies to evolve it. We evolved our Pidgey to Pidgeotto as you can see in the images below. You may also notice that Pidgeotto’s hairstyle is in fashion these days.Am I right?Pidgey Evolves in Pokemon Go


Pidgeotto evolution in Pokemon Go

Lastly, we found PokéEggs at some Pokéstop locations which need to be hatched. There is an item in your Pokébag called the Egg Incubator, you need to put one egg in the incubator and it will show you some kilometers that you need to walk with the game on to hatch the egg. We have placed an egg which will hatch once we walk for 2km. But that’s for our next post. Stay tuned guys and share your experiences in the comments below. If you haven’t already installed the game, you can download it for free with the link below.PokéEgg Incubator

Download Pokémon Go Apk

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