Pokémon Go India:Catching Pokémon At South Delhi

Pokémon Go, the most hyped smartphone game of this year has finally launched in Australia and people are going berserk with it. You can already find hundreds of videos on YouTube with people taking out their cars to go out and catch Pokémon. Well, unfortunately, Pokémon Go  has not been released in India yet but don’t worry there is a way to download it from the link provided below. Pokémon Go India is due its official release right now on PlayStore but this link will give you the same experience.
Download Pokémon Go For Android Here

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How Does Pokémon Go Work?

Pokémon Go uses your smartphone’s GPS and Internet. When you start the game, you can design your own player and get started quickly. You will see your player on a map with 3 starter Pokémon to choose from and they are everyone’s favourite Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. The game is based on the first gen Pokémon. Future upgrades may add new series of Pokémon.(But First Gen is the best.am I right?)

Pokémon Go India Menu Pokémon Go India Captured Pokemon Pokémon Go India Charmander Pokémon Go India Loading Screen

Once you catch your first Pokémon, you can begin your journey to catch more Pokémon. And when we say journey, you need to put on your shoes and get out of your house.

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Pokémon Go Requirements

Firstly, you need to have a stable connection all the time and don’t worry it doesn’t take that much data. In 20min of gameplay, we lost not more than 10mb of data. However, it does take a lot of battery power, so either keep it on a full charge when you head out or take a power bank with you.

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Where To Find A Pokémon?

The game says you can find a Pokémon anywhere on your map but when we tested the game ourselves, we couldn’t find it near our home. Then we went to a Pokéblock location which can be found at important sites around your location. These Pokéblock locations provide free items like Pokéballs and PokéEggs. Pokémon can be found in abundance near these places, so go try near them instead of just outside your home.

Pokémon Go India Locations Pokéblock Pokémon Go India Graffitti Pokémon Go India Locations

Pokémon Gyms

Pokémon Gyms are the best part of a Pokémon Journey where you can test how strong you are and it only makes sense if Pokémon Go has gyms to battle. Some monumental locations or malls are labelled as Pokémon Gyms. Similar to Pokéblocks, you need to get there to battle and you must be at least Level 5 to battle. You can even leave one of your Pokémon to defend the gym.






















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Pokémon Go India Experience at South Delhi


So, after understanding the fundamentals of the game we went out to test it. Our first location was a place near Select Citywalk Mall called Satpula. It is a monumental site with a lot of greenery around and we expected to see some grass type Pokémon around there. After roaming around for a while trying to catch a proper Internet Connection, we reached a Pokéblock site near. We went in to get 4 free Pokéballs. Unfortunately, there were no Pokémon around which was disappointing.

But we didn’t lose hope, our next location was Malviya Nagar Market. The Pokéblock location was a temple in the market. We went there and again got 3 free Pokéballs. Now the wait was for a Pokémon. In just one minute, we found ourselves a Rattata lurking around and in the first try, it was caught by our Pokéball which can be thrown by swiping it towards the Pokémon.

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Well, we couldn’t stop then, we took slow steps avoiding people unaware of Pokémon roaming around them. Just after 10 steps, there was a Zubat which couldn’t run away from us. We caught around 3 Pokémon there and moved to the next Pokéblock site just 100 metres away.

The next site was again a Temple( is it just me or is it a plan to send the youth to temples and pray?). Anyways, free Pokéballs and many new Pokémon around the place. Pidgeot( personal fav), Pidgey, Spearow. After catching these Pokémon, we were already on level 3 and earned a medal for registering 5 Pokémon on Pokédex.

Pokémon Go India

So, just 2 more levels to go and we can head out to the Pokémon Gym at Select Citywalk, Saket!

Pokémon Go India Captured Pokémons
Pokémons Captured!

The game works fine for a first version which is not officially launched in India yet. However, some bugs made us frown a little,like:

  • Battery Consumption

For a game meant to be played outside and explore places, you need to keep a steady battery. But this game drains battery faster than expected.

  • GPS Connectivity

Sometimes, it would not sync with GPS and show error even with good Internet connection. It was solved by rebooting the smartphone.


  • Server IssuesPokémon Go India Server Error

The servers seem to be loaded with users all around the globe and this causes them to crash. No one can play the game if the servers don’t respond.

  • No Pokémon Battles outside Gym

You can’t battle with your friends online and that’s a little disappointing. However, this may probably happen with new updates.

  • No Pokémon around

As we said, we could only find Pokémon near Pokéblock locations and not hear our homes or at nearby parks.

Well,even with these minor bugs, the game brings dreams to reality. Even though the people playing this game are in College or have started working somewhere( cause only 90s kids will remember all 151 first gen Pokémon), this is a great game as you can play while you travel. With the addition of new features which are expected like Pokémon Battling with friends,Pokémon Trading etc, Pokémon Go will definitely one of the most played game.

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Note: Please take a friend with you who can walk you through the road so that you don’t get hit by a car. Play Safe!


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