An Old iPhone Colour Maybe Coming Back In The 7th Gen

During the years, Apple has introduced many new Apple iPhone colour variants and they stopped some as well. One of the first iPhone colour variants, which was the Black one was discontinued in the latest generations. However, this new rumour may suggest that the fan favourite Space Black iPhone colour variant may be coming with the latest iPhone 7.

There has been a lot of criticism about this year’s iPhone as the rumours don’t suggest anything new or innovative and just some minor changes which didn’t impress the critics. For example, the rumour about the removal of audio jack and replacing it with Bluetooth earphones.

What Hardware Changes Can Be Expected Other Than The New iPhone Colour?

There have been some design leaks in the past few days which reveal some new hardware changes. As this is not an S series iPhone, hardware changes will be the main priority this time rather than software upgrades.

iphone audio jack removed iphone colour variants

These images reported by  FirstShotz  show the removal of the audio jack and a much larger camera. There are two speaker grills as well which suggest an upgrade to the audio to stereo sound output.


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The new Apple iPhone 7 comes this fall in September as always with a Launch Event which can be streamed worldwide on Apple’s official website. The mass-production of iPhone 7 begins this June and if these rumours are to be believed, it may bring some considerable hardware changes. However, these Chinese leaks have not been dependable very often. But these images do stand true on the rumours.

In terms of storage, there will be 32/128/256GB models and the 64GB model might be removed for some reasons.

Now one of the big rumours which have surfaced is that iPhone 7 may not get a ‘7S’ version and this may be the reason why iPhone 7 is not getting considerable hardware upgrades,

Like always, the rumours are tempting but only the launch event will unfold the mysteries behind the new iPhone 7.

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