Freedom 251 Makers Break Promise.Calls PM Modi For Support

Ringing Bells, the Noida-based company has failed to start delivery of Freedom 251. People were sceptical about the company and their underpriced device already and this may add fuel to the fire.However, the company has only delayed Freedom 251 delivery date for a few days.

Freedom 251 Delivery Date

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What is Freedom 251 delivery date?

Freedom 251 will start delivering to people on cash on delivery basis from July 6 and not from June 30 as promised. Ringing Bells’s founder and CEO, Mohit Goel is ready with around 2 lakh Freedom 251 headsets. Ringing Bells has also contacted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his support under the ‘Make In India’ Initiative.

“We have prepared a meeting requesting PM Narendra Modi  to pitch our case as a domestic smartphone maker which wishes to contribute towards ‘Make in India’ initiative,” said Ringing Bells CEO, Mohit Goel.

Freedom 251 Launch Event

Freedom 251 got all the hype it wanted in just 2 days of its announcement. So, many people logged on to that it crashed for a while. Everyone wants the phone badly. The company has decided to give the Freedom 251 handset an official launch event on July 7, just one day after the deliveries start.

Those who could not register for Freedom 251 before can register soon as the company will soon start it again.

Mohit Goel says the company is facing a loss of Rs.150-Rs.170 per handset as the parts are imported from Taiwan, but he hopes to make a profit on volumes.

The company is already set to make the “Cheapest HD LED TV” for Indian customers which will be priced around Rs.10,000.

Freedom 251 will be the cheapest phone in the world priced at $4 (Rs.251) which is a proud moment for India which already has the Cheapest Car in the world. The third device coming will be the Cheapest HD LED TV in the world which will be priced at around Rs.10,000.

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