How To Make Hologram Projector Using Your Smartphone

Hologram Projection is slowly making progress now but it is still not available to everyone. Some of the people might never have even seen a hologram before. So, what is a hologram? It is a 3D projection of an image which can be viewed without using any 3D glasses or any equipment and it is definitely better than 3D. It took years to develop by scientists but now we have an easy to make Hologram projector at your home by just using your smartphone or a tablet. The following steps will guide you to first make the projector screen for the hologram and then you can download a video which is specifically made to view on the screen.

Things you will need to make Hologram Screen

  • Graph Paper
  • CD Case(s)
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Smartphone
  • Knife or Glass Cutter

How To Make Hologram Projection Screen

  • You need to cut the transparent sheet into 4 triangles of equal measurements as seen in the image below. You can use the dimensions given in the image or your own, just don’t make it bigger than your smartphone’s screen.hologram screen measurements
  • Now put the pieces together using transparent tape. Use it only on the edges and don’t let it get on the faces.hologram screenHologram screen complete

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  • That’s it. You’re done with the difficult part.
  • Now download this video or just play it on YouTube. Play it in high quality for best results.
  • Place the screen right upon your smartphone while the video plays.Hologram Screen Projection
  • You need to watch it from below to get a proper image. Enjoy and amaze your friends.

You can also find different videos on YouTube if you get bored with this one.

If you have a tablet with a bigger screen then you can double the fun by making bigger triangles from the transparent sheet and playing the video on your tab.

Note: This screen only works with the specific videos designed for projection and not with normal videos.

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