How To Master The Keyboard and Type Faster

You may have seen people typing so fast on a keyboard as if they were typing pressing random keys. Some of them don’t need to look at the keys while they type and it feels unnatural. But you can do that in just a few weeks of practice. There are easier ways of doing this instead of just simply typing on MS Word for hours which feels like a chore. Here are some easier ways to learn how to type faster on keyboard:Master Keyboard and Type Faster


  • Learn as much keyboard shortcuts as you can

The first step to master the keyboard, you need to know the basic shortcuts. You can practice these shortcuts by using removing your mouse. Once you remove your mouse, you will be able to get used to using the keyboard more efficiently.

Shortcuts Descriptions
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + F Search for word
Ctrl + A Highlight everything
Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow Hightlight next letter
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow Highlight next word
Ctrl + Left Arrow or Right Arrow Navigate text cursor to next word without highlight
Home Go to beginning of line
End Go to end of line
Page Up Scroll up
Page Down Scroll down

You can also use shortcut keys while browsing the web. Here are some shortcuts you could use to navigate in web browsers.

Shortcuts Descriptions
Ctrl + Tab Switch to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to previous tab
Ctrl + T Open new tab
Ctrl + W Close current tab
Ctrl + Shift + T Open previously closed tab
Ctrl + R refresh current web page
Ctrl + N Open new web browser window
Backspace Go back one page
Shift + Backspace Go forward one page

Finally, here are some common keyboard shortcuts for more general (Windows) navigation.

Shortcuts Descriptions
Alt + Tab Switch to next opened window
Alt + Shift + Tab Switch to previously opened window
Alt + F4 Close current window

Using these shortcut keys will require the little finger a lot as many of the modifier keys like Ctrl, Alt and Shift are closest to your little finger.

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  • Use all your fingers to type faster

Cover the left side of the keyboard with your left hand and right side with your right hand. Learn to use all your fingers instead of just 3 or 4.

This is an easy practice technique. Open your Notepad and put your left-hand fingers on the keys ‘A-S-D-F’ and your right- hand fingers on ‘H-J-K-L’. Now first type with your right-hand press H with your pinky finger, J with your ring finger, D with your Middle finger and F with your Index finger, don’t move your hand while you do it. Now repeat the same with your right-hand finger. Keep a check on the Notepad if you are doing it right or not. This will enable you to use all your fingers to type faster.

  • Gaming

Gaming can actually help you to type faster as you will need to a lot of keys while playing and you will be concentrated on the game, so you won’t be able to look at the keys. This will develop your muscle memory in your fingers and you will naturally be able to remember the keys.

  • Use the right keys for the job

These tips give you a little boost and type faster. You might even develop these on your own but now that you will get to know, make sure you apply them:

  • Use the number keys on the right side to type numbers instead of the ones on the top. The right side keys are closely packed and you can type with one hand.
  • Use the left Shift key and Left Control with your pinky (4th) finger.
  • Use your thumbs to press the Space Bar.
  • Use “End” key to get to the end of a sentence and “Home” button to get to the start of a sentence

Here are some websites to help you practice and type faster


These tips and tricks will get you typing like a robot in few weeks. Remember, practice is the key!

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    Choose a comfortable chair and sit straight. Place your fingers correctly on the keyboard. Type using the pads of your fingers, don’t use finger tips or nails. The Keyboard should be at waist level approximately.


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