Get The New Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

There have been rumours for a while about Whatsapp adding a new feature of Video Calling. While some of Whatsapp competitors have already included this feature, it’s time that the people’s favourite messenger Whatsapp adds it as well.

Whatsapp video call

The new WhatsApp update ver 2.16.80 will offer the facility of video calling to users. However, the video calling feature can only be activated by an invite from someone who already has the feature, just like it happened for the audio calling feature.

How To Get The Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

You can get the video calling feature by going on and clicking on the beta option. A page will open asking you to become a beta tester, agree to that and you will be among the first ones to receive the first update with Video Calling Feature. It can also be downloaded from apk mirror.

As we know, Whatsapp doesn’t believe in fancy show-offs and animations. The new video-call feature will be integrated with the call button. In the image below, you can see that pressing the call button now gives you two options, audio, and video call.

However, even if you get the feature working from someone who has the invite, you may not be able to use it right now as the video calling is not available right now. When you try to place a call, you will get  a message, “Couldn’t place a call. Video Calling is unavailable at this time.”

Whatsapp has been adding new features and it has over a billion users which puts it on top of the competition. Whatsapp may not have features like stickers or various ways of chatting with new people like WeChat, but its simplicity and efficiency keeps it on top. The end-to-end encryption feature is one of the unique feature updated by Whatsapp recently. The Facebook-owned company is also working on features like callback feature and voice mail support.


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