How To Watch 3D Videos On Your PC

3D videos are easily available on YouTube or on other various websites. Now, most of us don’t have 3D TVs that support this kind of video and play it. But there is a way to watch 3D videos on your PC or Laptop screens even if they don’t support 3D technology. With the help of this awesome media player called KM Player, you can easily watch 3D videos on your laptop. Note that this player only plays those videos in 3D which actually support the 3D format. It won’t convert normal videos into 3D. So, if you don’t have a 3D video right now, you can download it from any movie website or buy a 3D movie DVD.

How to watch 3D movies on your laptop

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How To Watch 3D videos on your non-3D laptop screen

  1. The first thing you need is a pair of 3D glasses. You can either make one yourself by following this tutorial or you can go buy them from a stationary or a toy shop, wherever you can find them.
  2. Now you need to download the KM player. Download KM Player from this link- KM Player Latest Version.
  3. Install KM Player on your PC.
  4. Now play the video which supports 3D format in the KM Player. At first, you will see 2 separate videos like shown in the image below. Now to make it 3D, click on the 3D button below.3D videos
  5. After clicking the 3D button, you will see a blurred video with red and blue colors. It’s time to put on the glasses.3D videos on KM Player
  6. If you don’t get a proper image. Right click on the Settings button next to the 3D button and go to 3D controls and click on Side-by-side. You can even adjust the colors by selecting the options given below. For ex- If you have Red-Cyan glasses, then choose the Red-Cyan color option.3D controls in KM Player

That’s it! you can now watch 3D videos on your laptop. You may find other tutorials for VLC media player but KM Player is a much simple and decent 3D video player.


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