How To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Healthy

All the technology in the world is worthless if there is no proper power source to run it. Smartphone batteries usually last longer when are new but their life seems to fade after a year or so. Buying a new battery every year isn’t the best option as they are expensive and buying a battery from a local shop is not always a safe option. Some of the new smartphones don’t even come with a non-removable battery. So, what you can do to avoid these situations is keep your battery life consistent for as long as you can. This article will help you keep your battery healthy and running.

How To Keep Your Smartphone's Battery Healthy

Here’s How To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Healthy:

The first tip is to bring your battery to a full potential and charge it to its full capacity once a week or month. You don’t need to fully charge and discharge it every time. Just keep it above 50% as often as you can.

Overcharging does not harm your Lithium-Ion Batteries

Overcharging does not harm your device and it is a myth. You can put your device on charging at night or while using. But the problem is of total discharge. Lithium-ion batteries are unstable when totally charged and might self-destruct and stop working at all.

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Avoid Wireless Charging

It does sound interesting when a smartphone can do wireless charging but it generates a lot of waste heat which fries up your battery. So, it’s not the best option for charging.Wireless Charging

Don’t Let Your Battery Go Zero

Lithium-ion batteries tend to get unstable when they are at zero percent. So, don’t let them go to zero if you can and put your device on charge before it goes to zero.

Don’t Leave Your Phone In A Hot Car

This is probably not gonna happen because you can’t leave your phone behind, can you? But in case you do, it’s not a good idea as the more heat your battery gets, the more chances are of it exploding all over your car’s interior.

Lithium-ion batteries, which are the most common smartphone batteries last for around 3-4 years and you might probably want to change your device by then. But if you just follow these tips, your battery will run properly for the expected time and you won’t have any accidents.

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