How to Get Rid of Bloatware from Android Smartphone

Get Rid of Bloatware from Android Device

If you have an Android device then you would have known that it comes with lots of bloatware apps pre-installed. All the manufacturers try to provide their customised software interface along with some bloatware apps. Most of the users hate these pre-installed apps. However, you may like some of the apps but most of them are not useful. So you should get rid of bloatware from your device.

Over a time these bloatware will make your phone suffer from performance issues since they keep on running in background and use the RAM and they also occupy internal memory of your phone. So, if you don’t use such bloatware app then you should remove them. Here is the guide below which will show you how to get rid of bloatware from Android device.

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Get rid of bloatware from Android

You may note that only some of the bloatware apps can be removed but some can not be removed as they come preinstalled with software. We can only disable them to get rid of them. However, if you have a rooted device then you can remove any app.

Follow the following steps:-

Step 1 :

Go to ‘Settings’ menu and select the ’Apps’ or ‘Application’ options from the given options.

settings menu



You will obtain list of the installed apps. From the list select the app that you want to remove

applications list

Step 2 :

After opening the particular app, you will see some options like Uninstall or Disable, Force Stop, Clear Data, Clear Cache. Select the Disable option to get rid of bloatware.

get rid of bloatware

Some of the app does not show disable button or the button is not-clickable, it means that it is a system app which is required for the phone to work correctly. So you cannot disable that particular app. Once the app is disabled, it won’t get started until you enable it again.

To enable the app again, repeat the above steps again and find the ‘Enable’ button and you will get the app back after you have enabled it.

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