Motorola’s New Smartphone To Have Fingerprint Scanner

Moto X Play, Moto G3 and Moto G Turbo were one of the best smartphones of last year. Although they had good features for their price, they lacked a fingerprint scanner. Even in the flagship, Moto didn’t give a fingerprint scanner while other brands have already started to provide it. However, this new leaked image of Motorola’s New Smartphone has given a possibility of a fingerprint scanner in Motorola’s upcoming smartphone. The image also shows some new feature that Motorola is ready to adapt in future. Let’s take a look at the image and check out which features it reveals:

Motorola's New Phone

Talking about the fingerprint scanner, at the bottom of the screen, you may notice a circular home button which also homes a possible fingerprint scanner. Although Motorola has been putting a dimple at the back of their smartphones and was previously thinking of putting a fingerprint scanner at the back, they seemed to have dropped that idea.

From the image, we can also make out the USB Type-C Charging Slot which makes it Motorola’s first smartphone with this type of charging port.

Other Image for Motorola’s New Smartphone

Moto G4 Leaked Image

There will be only one speaker grill in the front this time, which you can see at the top of the screen. The front camera is right next to the speaker grill. Then we have this other image, revealed a few months ago which shows the back of the smartphone and you can see the second speaker on the back.

Talking about what the name of the device is going to be, rumours hint that it could be the new Moto X (2016). Other rumours suggest that it could also be called Moto Infinity and there could be a series of smartphones with this name.

Motorola's New Smartphone

Lenovo and Motorola are now working to get their features together to bring the most of their device like Motorola and Lenovo will merge their UI and reveal it in their smartphone in 2017.All new Moto phones will have a fingerprint scanner and a 5-inch screen. However, Motorola is going to apply these changes to Chinese models first and then to other countries.

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