How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage On Android

The prices on mobile data plans in India have been increasing every year and the amount of data is quite less for the price. If you use 3G and 4G, your mobile data probably doesn’t last as much you want it to. Sometimes, there are some apps which take your data or some background apps that keep running and suck up your mobile data without knowing. However, you can reduce mobile data usage on your android device using some of these apps which do not require rooting. Check them out:

Reduce Mobile Data Usage By Using These Apps

Chrome Data Saver

Google Chrome Browser has an inbuilt data saver in the Settings which can help you reduce mobile data usage by compressing some of the data you download while browsing. However, it does not reduce much data while getting the images.

Chrome Data Saver

Opera Browser

Opera browser has been in the data saving since Nokia’s Symbian OS. It made the browsing bearable on 2G internet and it’s still doing it for Android users. It compresses images and texts more than the Google Data Saver. It can reduce mobile data usage by 80%.

Opera full browserOpera full browser
Our fastest browser for surfing the web and using less data.

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Opera Max – Data Saver

Opera Browser saves data while using the browser but Opera Ma saves mobile data all over the system without hampering your smartphone usage. By routing the traffic through a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ), Opera Max can save data across apps and games. It can compress data while you watch a video on your device depending on the settings you put in.



Opera Max - Data saving appOpera Max – Data saving app
Data manager. Save and manage data in apps or while streaming audio & video.

Here are some tips on how you can reduce mobile data usage by doing your part:

Disable Auto-Updates on Apps in Play Store

By doing this, you can save a lot of data as apps get frequently updated and sometimes they get updated when you don’t want them to. So, the best way to deal with it is to turn on Auto-update and start the updates manually when you are on a wi-fi connection or have enough data to update them.


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Restrict Background Data

Sometimes you might see that the consumption is mobile data is more than you have used. This may be because apps running in the background are using your mobile data. You can stop this by going into Settings > Data Usage and enabling Restrict Background Data. Apps running in the background won’t be able to use your mobile data now.


Download Maps for Offline Use

If you are frequently using Google Maps for a particular area, you might as well want to download them on a wi-fi connection or when you have enough data to spare. The maps will work faster when downloaded than loading them over the Internet.

Download Music or YouTube Videos Rather Than Streaming

Streaming music and videos takes a lot of Internet and also consumes a lot of battery. So, you may want to download music and videos on your device. The next time you want to play them, you won’t need your mobile data. If you want to Download Videos From YouTube, you may want to follow this easy tutorial:How To Download YouTube Videos For Android And PC


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