How to Set Instagram Photos Private

[appbox steam ]Set Your Instagram Photos Private

Instagram has millions of users who use this app on their smartphone to share their photos and videos. People like to share each and every little moment of their life with their photos and videos among their friends and closer one. However all the photos and videos you share on Instagram are kept public by default, which means anyone who visits your profile can see photos and videos you have shared. There are some people who are more concerned about their privacy and don’t want others to see what they shared and to keep their personal information public. To insure some privacy on Instagram you can set your photographs as private. Follow our guide to know how to set instagram photos private.

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Before doing this you should keep in mind that making the photos private will not hide them from your existing followers, they can see all your stuff. To make your stuff private from them is to block them or ask them to unfollow you (which could not be good idea), so you should block the unwanted people manually from there. After setting the photos private, new followers have to request you to be able to view your profile and you have full control over it.

How to set Instagram photos private?

Before proceeding further you should update your Instagram app to the latest version

Step 1

Open the Instagram app on your phone and open your profile.

Step 2

Now tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen to get the settings menu.

insta profile

Step 3

From the available options find the ‘Private Account’ option and tap on the slider to turn it ON. Your Instagram profile in now private.

insta settings menu

In future if you ever want to make your profile public. Simply follow the above steps and tap on the slider to turn it OFF.

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