How to Hide Apps on any Android Device

Hide Apps on Any Android Device

Android covers almost 80% share in smartphone market. This is due to increasing competition and decreasing price of the android smartphone. Most of the android phones are launched in sub 10000 category which is increasing the share of android. There are lots of apps available for download on Android platform. There is an app for almost everything from fitness and sports to study and music, you will find an app for everyone.But what if you don’t want others to see what all apps are there on your android smartphone. Sometimes you want to prevent others from opening any particular app on your phone. Hiding the app or something doesn’t mean that you are doing wrong thing, everyone has their own privacy. You don’t want others to open the app related to your bank account or want to hide some private app from people who try to spy on your private content. We are telling you the method to hide apps on your android device, you can do so by following the steps below:-

How to hide apps on Android?

Step 1

First of all download the ‘Apex Launcher’ app from Google PlayStore. After installation launcher will be activated automatically.

Step 2

After that open the ‘App drawer’ and tap on ‘three dots’ on top right corner of the screen. From the options select the ‘Apex settings’ option.

App drawer

Step 3

From the options obtained, select the ‘Drawer setting’ option and then the ‘Hidden apps’ option. After that you will see complete list of apps installed on your device.


Step 4

Now select the ‘checkbox’ against the app you want to hide. The ‘Apex Launcher’ will remain hidden by default. We will hide the ‘Chrome’ app in this tutorial. Select the checkbox against ‘Chrome’ and tap on ‘Save’


Now open the app drawer again and you will not see the app you have selected to hide. In the image you will not see the ‘Chrome’ app in app drawer.


If you want to unhide the app you have hidden, then go back to the same setting and uncheck the checkbox against the app you want to unhide and then again tap on ‘Save’. You will be able to see the app again in the app drawer.

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