How to Play YouTube Content in Background

YouTube is first choice of almost everyone for watching different types of videos. These can be movie trailers, launch event, concerts, game trailers, video songs, educational videos, NEWS or some other stuff. You can watch YouTube content on mobile app or browser.

Most of us like to browse YouTube on their smartphone. We know that there are some content on YouTube where there is only some steady image and Audio is being played. Some of us like to listen only the music but we have to keep the YouTube App open to do that because the second we minimize the App or go back to the home screen, the video playback stops and we can’t even listen to the music. Sometimes notifications also popup on the screen and stops the video playback, which also disturbs your experience.

If you want to listen to only audio playback on YouTube while using some other apps, then there is the way for that.

How to Play YouTube Content in Background on Android Device


Download and install Firefox browser for Android on your android smartphone.


Open the Firefox App and enter the URL


YouTube website will open in the browser and it looks like this.

YouTube Content


The Web version of YouTube feels better that that of the App version .Unlike the Google Chrome browser, Firefox browser can play YouTube videos in background


You can now search and play the video of your choice. You can also play some movie song if you only want to listen that song.

YouTube search


While playing the YouTube videos on Firefox browser, you can lock the screen of your phone, this will not disturb the video playback. You can also use some other app and also listen to the music of the video in background, using other apps and it will not disturb the video playback.

So next time when you feel like listening to the audio of a YouTube video in background, just open on Firefox browser instead of the App. iPhone users can also try above steps to see if this happens on iOS device or not.

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