Samsung Notebook 9;Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Release Date for India

Samsung Notebook 9 Series

Samsung Notebook 9 series is a new set of notebooks of ultra-portable laptops.There are four different models and one of them has a rotating display.There is a base model,a second model,third one is called Notebook 9 Spin and the fourth is called Notebook 9 Pro as it has the best specifications.

Samsung Notebook 9 Demo

Let’s Check out the specs for each of the modes:

1.Samsung Notebook 9 Base Model

The base model comes with Intel Core i5(6th Gen).It also has a full HD(1080p display) 13.3-inch screen with a battery life of 10 hours and weighs 1.9 pounds.It is priced at $999(Rs.66,999).

2.Samsung Notebook 9 Second Model

The second model comes with a larger display of 15-inch and fullHD(1080p) display.It has core i7 and the battery life is 12 hours.It is priced at $1199(Rs.80319).

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

3.Samsung Notebook 9 Spin

The third model comes with a 13.3-inch (3200×1800)QHD rotating display which can be turned around and folded flat,kind of like the Lenovo Yoga Tab.It comes with a Core i7 and has a battery life of 7.3 hours.It is priced at a $100 more i.e. $1299(Rs.87,018).

4.Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

The Pro model has a 15.6-inch (3840x2160p) display.It also comes with Core i7,offers a 6.5 hours of battery life,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics,0.7inches thick and weighs 2.9 pounds.It is priced at $1399(93,718).

Samsung Notebook 9

It has three USB 3.0 ports and also has a USB 3.1 Type-C connector,HDMI 2.0 port,a single combo mic-in/headphone jack is the only audio port, and a MicroSD slot is included.
Each models comes with 256GB of flash storage,8GB of RAM and run Windows 10 out of box.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung flagship phones will be in India sooner than you expected.According to BGR,they will be available next week.A specific date is not yet revealed but rumours suggest it to be March 8 and that phone will go on sale in the third week of March.The prices are going to match the iPhone 6S as Samsung plans to compete with Apple.


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