HTC Nexus To Have 3D Touch,HTC One M10 Release Date

HTC Nexus

HTC Nexus is supposed to be the new Nexus  this year and according to the rumours,it will have a pressure sensitive screen with 3D touch feature.3D touch was introduced by Apple last year in their latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.Although 3D touch didn’t make that much of a hype after its launch,other brands seem to adapt it and seems like Google wants it as well for its next flagship smartphone,Nexus which will be manufactured by HTC this time.

HTC Nexus

To speed up the process,Google is adding the 3D functionality to its software so that the companies don’t have to make it themselves.The next android version,expected to be Android N will have 3D feature in-built to speed up adaption of the functionality.This gives us an idea for Android N as well.

Previous Nexus By HTC

It wouldn’t be the first time HTC will be producing a Nexus smartphone.HTC produced the Nexus 9 tablet in 2014 but that didn’t do much good for HTC.

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Two HTC Nexus this year?

The previous rumour about HTC Nexus suggests that the Taiwanese manufacturer will be producing both the Nexus smartphones this year.Huawei was in talks to make one of the Nexuses but seems like HTC won.

HTC One M10 Perfume
HTC One M10

HTC hasn’t been doing so great lately in terms of sales for a long time now.This new move could help the company in a good way if the devices turn out good.HTC will also be first company to feature Android N now with the Nexus line-up.But the 3D touch functionality will not be limited to HTC.Other brands like Oppo,Meizu,Xiaomi and Vivo are said to have the feature in the near future when they get updated to the latest android version.

3D Touch

In the latest news,HTC has released a new teaser video of HTC One M10 aka Perfume with the #Powerof10.HTC says it want to make your ‘make your phone even better’ this time.The release date of the phone is not officially announced yet but rumours suggest it to be April 11.

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