Vivo XPlay 5 Benchmarks With 6GB RAM and Dual Egde Design

Vivo XPlay 5 with 6GB RAM

Vivo XPlay 5 is the upcoming flagship smartphone which has been in rumours for the past year.At first it was supposed to have Snapdragon 810 processor but as it was delayed for a while,the company chose to go with a more latest chipset from Snapdragon.

Vivo Xplay 5 front

Vivo XPlay 5 Rumoured Specifications

The phone will have a dual-curved display which has been revealed in the leaks which is like the Samsung Galaxy S7 but it has the curved edges on both sides instead of one.The edges will have a functionality of displaying notifications and information on both sides.Some of the previous rumours suggest that the phone will have a display of 6-inches with curved display.It will have a camera of 16-megapixel on the rear and an 8-megapixel camera on the front.It will have a battery of 4,300mAh which is also a big number.Seems like the company wants to put the phone on steroids and rig up everything.It is also supposed to have Hi-Fi 3.0 audio feature.The details for this technology is not revealed but it could be an audio processing chips to enhance the audio like the Vivo X6 Plus.

Vivo Xplay 5 back

Confirmed Specs

Xplay 5 is confirmed to have Snapdragon 820 chipset now accompanied with a 6GB of RAM.

Vivo Xplay 5 RAM


Vivo Xplay 5 Antutu Benchmark Test

The benchmark shows 162,610 points which is nearly 30K more than other smartphones in the database.The reason for this may be the massive 6GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 820 chipset.

Vivo Xplay 5 Side View

Vivo Xplay 5 Release Date

XPlay 5’s release date is officially confirmed by Vivo to be on March 1st.Vivo XPlay 5 is the first phone to have 6GB of RAM and that’s probably a big step up from the current 4GB RAM trend in the flagship smartphones.The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge released few days back come with 4GB of RAM.



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