f.lux Display Tweaking App,For Android and iOS

f.lux Display Tweaking App


f.lux,it is a display tweaking app which adjusts the brightness of your PC according to the time of the day.It is not similar to reducing the brightness of your PC manually.It makes your scree look like the room you’re in,all the time.When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.You can manually set the light settings in f.lux as well.

f.lux,display logo

Why Use f.lux?

The new generation of smartphone users like to stay awake late and use their laptops and smartphones.Sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours at night may cause eye problems or sleep deprivations,headaches etc.

Our laptop screen emit a blue light which sends signals to our brain that makes it think that the sun is out.This interferes with out ability to sleep and keeps you awake at night.

By using f.lux,you are reducing the amount of bright light and dimming it so that it doesn’t affect your eye sight.It makes your brightness a little warmer.

f.lux for Android Users

Till now f.lux was available for computers only but now it will be available for android users as well.It is already available for android users with rooted devices,but it is a beta version right now.

A similar app is available right now for this purpose called Twilight,click here to download for android.

f.lux for iOS Users

f.lux will not be available for iOS users bu there will be a new features with the iOS 9.3 update as an in-built feature.It will be called Night Shift and will be accessible with quick toggle in the Control Center.It will be available in both iPhone and iPads.

f.lux display for ipad(Night Shift)

As you can see,the lamp icon right next to brightness option will be used to toggle Night Shift.The lamp indicates that the feature should be used when indoors as you will need the brightness in the sun.

To Download f.lux for PC,click here.

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