Ringing Bells:Know More About The Company and Its Devices

Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells,the name has been ringing loud for the past few days because of its smartphone Freedom 251.The smartphone whose features may be pretty basic but everyone seems to buy it because of its unbelievable price of Rs.251.The price is so less that the people think the company is running a scam.The first sale for Freedom 251 was held yesterday and the site crashed because of the overwhelming traffic of more than 6 lakh people.The company apologized for the inconvenience and gave assurance to fix the issues in 24-hours and resume the pre-booking as soon as possible.

freedom 251

About Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells was established in 2015 at Noida.Before Freedome 251,they have also launched a smartphoen called Smart 101 and two non-smartphones called Master and 4U.Smart 101 is a touch-screen smartphone whereas other two have physical keys.They also have a power bank called Kiwi which has a battery capacity of 5,600mAh with LED flash light.

Ringing Bells Smart 101

Why are people doubtful about Ringing Bells?

  • There are rumours going around the Internet about the customer care and services of Ringing Bells.The Ringing Bells Smart 101 smartphones were ordered by several customers and none of them actually received the smartphone.The customers didn’t even receive an order confirmation of the device,which puts us in a suspicious situation.₹251 may not seem much but it wouldn’t be satisfying to not get anything in return.The question is not about the specifications either,for ₹251,you can’t get the half of what Ringing Bells have to offer.But what if you get scammed from this new brand.
  • One of the controversy going around is that Freedom 251 is a rebranded device by its rival Adcom.Freedom 251 resembles Adcom’s Ikon 4 which is available in India at ₹3,999.

Ringing Bells Rebranded Adcom Ikon 4

  • The built-in icons for Freedom 251 are identical to Apple’s iPhone which might be a hot-topic for lawyers.Ringing Bells says that the devices at the auction were sample models and the models they will sell won’t have the rebranding.

    iPhone icons
    Apple iPhone Icons
Freedom 251 icons
Freedom 251 Icons


Ringing Bells Business Model

  • There are also many question regarding the Business Model followed by Ringing Bells.Many people including Indian Cellular Association estimate a price of atleast ₹3100 considering all the possible ways.So,many have doubts regarding the strategy of the company.However Ringing Bells have answered this question.
  • Ringing Bells explains that according to the bill of materials,the phone costs around ₹2,500.
  • By manufacturing the smartphone in India,they save around ₹400.
  • By selling it online and not offline,they slash ₹400.
  • And if they take pre-orders,they save ₹400 more.

Ringing Bells Logo


Now they are in advanced dialogue with other people or companies who want to use their phone for offering services and products to customers.So they asked for the revenue from these people and reduced the phones cost.The comapany is determined to sell this phone for ₹251,no less and no more.For the customers,it will cost ₹40-50 more because of the delivery charges.

The company plans to deliver the phone till 30th June.The phones will be manufactured in Noida and Uttrakhand when the manufacturing plants get established.They expect to sell 25 lakh smartphones online and 25 lakh smartphone offline in one year.

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