How to Get Vodafone 4G SIM in Delhi and Other Regions

Vodafone 4G Coming Soon in Delhi and Other Regions

Vodafone has already launched its 4G services in Kerela, mysuru and Kolkata and is about to roll out Vodafone 4G service in some major cities like Mumbai, Bangaluru and Delhi, where Vodafone has started advertising about the launch of 4G stating “Vodafone 4G Coming Soon” around the city. If you are a Vodafone customer and want to switch a 4G ready SIM card, you can do so by following some easy steps. To get a 4G ready Vodafone SIM card you do not have to wait till the launch of 4G in your city.

Vodafone LTE

4G ready Vodafone SIM’s are available across many cities, you can check with Vodafone customer care to know about the availability of 4G SIM card in your city. Vodafone is also offering 1GB 4G Data to its customers in some region switching to a 4G SIM. You can avail the free data when 4G will launch in your city.

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Steps to Switch to Vodafone 4G-Ready SIM

  1. Walk in to any Vodafone store near you and ask for 4G ready SIM.
  2. Vodafone Staff will check your 4G handset compatibility and after proper verification you will get new 4G SIM
  3. To activate new SIM card you have to send an SMS ‘SIMEX <4G SIM card number>’ and send it to 55199 from your current SIM.
  4. After sending the above SMS, you will get an response SMS from 55199 with partial SIM number.
  5. After that you have to send the last 6 digits of your new SIM number to 55199 within 2 hours of receiving the response SMS.
  6. You will receive a success SMS, after which new 4G SIM will be activated within 10 minutes.
  7. When current SIM stops getting signal, replace your old SIM with the new 4G SIM and continue with the service.

After switching to the new 4G-ready SIM you can continue using the service and once the 4G service will launch in your city you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Super speed with Vodafone 4G.

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