Here’s An App That Pays You For Exercising

Pact:Get Paid for Exercising

We always think that we’ll hit the gym someday,lose all that weight,stay fit,but sometimes the motivation to do so is just not enough.Well,talking about motivation,you must’ve heard that “Money is the best motivator.”So,what if someone paid you for exercising?Would you be able to say “No” to that?We want to tell you that there is an app which will pay you if you hit the gym,eat your veggies and stayed healthy!

Pact is an app developed by Pact Team which offers real cash for living healthy and exercising,paid by the members who don’t.Users who register for the app need to input the an exercise and diet routine that want to to and that will become their pact with the app.


Now the app fixes an amount that you will get paid every time you will complete that schedule.You can click pictures of your food and upload them on the app to verify that you consumed the nutrients you promised with the app.You will get notified for your earnings each week.

Pact Exercising for iOS


Does this app connect with fitness gears?

Yes,pact connects with¬†RunKeeper, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal or any of Pact’s partner apps.Check in to the gym, track workouts via GPS and accelerometer, or count your steps with an iPhone 5s and above.The app is available on both android and iOS.

get paid fpr exercising by Pact

What if you don’t complete your Pact and don’t exercise or eat healthy?

What’s more motivating than getting paid for your work?Losing money.If you don’t keep your pact with the app,you can lose more than you get for exercising.The amount you can lose for not following your schedule can be set by the users.You will decide the stakes and pay for them when you are short on the routine.The app earns money from people who don’t follow their routines and pays them to people who follow it.

Android users can download the app by clicking here.

iOS users can download the app by clicking here.



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