Nokia’s Android Smartphone To Support 5G Internet

Nokia’s Android Smartphone

Nokia’s Android Smartphone:Nokia took a big hit for not going with the trend and accepting android as their OS and going with Microsoft and Windows OS.Windows OS has developed over the years but still the rate of development is no match to android or iOS.But the rumours circling the internet suggest that Nokia is preparing for its comeback with an Android powered smartphone.There are several leaks which provide an image for the rumoured smartphone in a metal body design.The smartphone is always rumoured to support 5G internet speeds.

Those of you thinking that Nokia was bought by Microsoft and how can Nokia release their smartphones now.According to the latest news,the Microsoft buyout of the Finish’s Titan’s mobile business involved a particular non-compete clause that prevented the company from releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand. That expired on December 31, 2015.However,Nokia may be back in the businees but they will not manufacture their own phones this time.Nokia’s android smartphone will be designed by Nokia by manufactured by other companies who will partner up and get the license for Nokia’s brand name,says Nokia’s CEO Rajeev Suri, last year.

Nokia'sandroid smartphone leaks

Nokia C1

Specifications for Nokia’s android smartphone

The images shown were leaked by the Chinese website,Weibo,famous for providing leaks and tips about upcoming smartphones.Unfortunately the images don’t reveal much about the 5 or 5.2 inch smartphone.There is a camera on the back with a flash,no fingerprint scanner though,neiher on the front.Latest rumours suggest that Nokia’s Android Smartphone,which is still untitled(unannounced and not leaked) will have support of 5G internet.Nokia’s android smartphone also has a full metal body and might run android v6 Marshmallow,as that will be the latest android version during its release.

Foxconn will be developing three new smartphones for Nokia following the design of Nokia N1,which was an android powered tab by Nokia.These three smartphones could be the Nokia’s android smartphone but the lack of teasers and leaks still keep up in doubts.

The rumours also suggest that Nokia’s android smartphone may be called “Nokia C1.”

This video has become viral among Nokia fans,teasing the release of the Nokia’s android smartphone.Take a look:



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