Apple Watch 2nd Gen Trial Production To Start This Month

Apple Watch 2nd Gen Trial Production

Apple Watch received a software upgrade last year at the Apple event which made it even better for the users.Now the second generation of the Apple Watch is just around the corner.If the rumours are to be believed,the Apple Watch 2nd gen will be revealed in Apple this year which means 18 months after the first gen Apple Watch.

Taiwan’s Quanta Computer is said to be working for the manufacturing of the Apple Watch 2nd Generation.The watch could be revealed with the 4-inch iPhone 5e(or 6c,or 7c),which is rumoured to be launched at the Apple Event.

Apple Watch 2nd gen release

What we expect from Apple Watch 2nd Generation

Speed Boost for the apps

Not that the Apple Watch 1 is slow but it would be great if the apps could be faster and smoother.

Less Thickness

That’s just basically an expectation from a new device that it should be thinner than before.

Less Bezel,More display

Who doesn’t want more of that screen and less of the corners.

Facetime Camera

A front camera to make video calls.This feature is in rumours,so fingers crossed for a facetime camera.

Improved Battery Life

A long lasting and fast charging battery is what we expect from the new hardware upgrades.

Improved Outdoor Visibility

A brighter screen which is visible outside in sunlight.

New Health Features

Apple already added a lot of health features to the watchOS2, but there is always room for improvement.

Apple Watch OS3

A new software upgrade with the new watch would be wonderful.However,it is not expected to come right away with the Apple Watch 2nd generation.But it would be planned in the future after the new watch takes off.

The trial production of the Apple Watch 2nd generation is small-scale for now,meant to tackle out any problems before the large-scale productions start.To speed up the production,Apple will collaborate with Foxconn, Inventec and Wistron.






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