How to Record Hyperlapse Videos on Android

Hyperlapse Videos on Andorid

Nowadays,smartphones come with a default feature to record Timelapse videos.Even if you don’t have Timelapse feature in your smartphone,you can download an app to do it from Google Playstore.In case of a HyperLapse,there was a feature in the Instagram app but only for iOS and not for android.But now Android users have an app to create Hyperlapse videos on their smartphones by using the Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile App.

Micosoft Hyperlapse Mobile

The Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app is free on the Google PlayStore and you can download it on your android smartphone.It is only 15.35mb and helps you shorten those long videos in seconds.

How to use the Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile App

Using the app is as simple as it gets.Just open the app,it will ask if you want to record a video from your camera or import a previously recorded video from your gallery.Make your selection,record a video and the app will make it a hyperlapse video.

Hyperlapse 4X speed

The default setting for the speed of the app is 4X which means it runs the video 4 times faster than normal.If you think this is fast enough,the app also allows you to increase the speed to 8X,16X and 32X!

The speed can also be reduced to 2X or 1X according to your requirement.There is a share option,once you have created your video,you can directly share it with your friends on Whatsapp or other apps.

How to create Hyperlapse Selfie Videos

What?did’nt see this one coming?…Yes,while recording a video with the app,you can switch it to front camera and record a selfie video.Just like the rear camera,you can make it a hyperlapse video with all the speed settings and share option.

Speed up videos with Hyperlapse

Now you may ask what is the difference between a Timelapse and Hyperlapse

Basically,Timelapse is used for speeding up the video but the movement of the camera should be minimum,which means the camera should be static and kept at one place.These movements of the camera can make an improper timelapse video.You can either tilt the camera a little or just make a subtle movements.The camera angle should be at a single focus point.

However in Hyperlapse,the movement of the camera is allowed.It enables the camera to be moved over long distances.You can pass over terrains,move through a crowd and go through complex motion paths changing the camera angle.It does not have the limitation of movement like Timelapse.

You can download the Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app for android,here

Also available on Windows Store.


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