How to have a Windows like Android Experience on any PC

Run Android on Computer

If you have ever used the popular Bluestacks software to run android apps on PC,you must have seen that it provides a proper smartphone screen and simulates a real smartphone.You can download apps and install them just like a smartphone.But what if there was a software which would run apps but not look like you are playing with a smartphone on your computer.An interface which can run android apps as if they were windows apps and give a genuine interface to run apps.By the efforts of a company founded by ex-Google employees,a software called Remix OS is available free of charge which can run android on any computer.


Remix OS

Remix OS is an Android Fork that brings over a Windows-like Android experience.From January 12th,users will be able to download Remix OS from Jide for free and run it on any x86 computer which means a 64-bit computer.(How to know if your computer is 64-bit or 32-bit)

Jide Remix Interface



How to use Remix OS

Step 1

All you need to run Remix OS is a FAT32 USB 3.0 flash drive or a Pen Drive with atleast 8GB of free storage on it.

Step 2

Restart your PC and boot directly from that USB drive.(How to boot directly from USB).

Step 3

Then you will be able to run Android on your computer.

Remix OS Android


You can take the drive anywhere with you and run it on any 64-bit computer.Remix OS will also be available on some Mac Computers.

Remix OS 2.0 will be available based on Lollipop but it will soon be available for Marshmallow.Once you start the Remix OS,you will be able to login to your Google account and download apps from PlayStore just as if you would do on a tablet running Android but you will have the convenience of a keyboard and mouse,and a much bigger screen of your PC.







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